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Recruit Profile: Ryan Breadner

Ryan Breadner is introduced during the Dogs’ Breakfast (Photo by Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

Ryan Breadner is an offensive line recruit from Cherokee, Texas. His recruitment to the Huskies began with a chance encounter with a high school football coach in Alberta. “I was in Edmonton, at a place called Jasper Place High School,” Breadner recalled. “I was training for my basketball season, back down in Texas, when the head football coach (Ryan David) saw me. He asked me if I was coming to play football for them. I told him ‘no,’ because I was graduating. He told me that he was good friends with Jason Sulz, and that he was going to refer me to the Huskies. That’s how it went, and here I am.” Ryan has quickly grown fond of Saskatoon, and his new team. “I love it – the people here are great! BT is an amazing man. I’m glad to have this opportunity.”

Ryan Breadner in his first day of training camp with the Huskies (Photo by Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

Ryan was asked for his first impressions of Huskie football. “It’s very exciting. These guys have an energy like I’ve never seen before – everybody is just flying around. Our team has room to get better, and I think we will.” Coming to the UofS, from Texas, means an adjustment to the Canadian game, and the 1 yard neutral zone. “I think it’s a little easier for the defense in Canadian football, because it’s easier to tire them out when you’re playing 4 downs. The 1 yard neutral zone is challenging for me to adjust to because I have to be really patient, and I like to be aggressive and smash heads. But I have long arms which helps keep the defenders at bay.”

Offensive line coach, Travis Serke, was asked for a few comments about Ryan. “Ryan Breadner is an outstanding kid,” he began. “He has just turned 18. He is keen, asks a ton of questions, and he’s always watching what’s going on – kind of your prototypical American football player. He is raw. We’ve adjusted his stance a little bit, and he’s catching on to our plays. He needs to get a little stronger, and he knows it. He’s an outstanding recruit.”

Ryan was asked about the career path that he is going to pursue. He will begin in Arts and Sciences but has plans beyond that. “Eventually, I’m going to enter the Agriculture program, and then maybe go back home to Texas and be a rancher.”

Huskie Outsider wishes Ryan the best of luck, both on the football field and in the classroom.

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