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Recruit Profile: Julan Lynch

Julan Lynch (photo Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

Julan Lynch is a tall, athletic receiver from Regina. He was not one of the recruits introduced during the Dogs’ Breakfast, but he attended spring camp and made the decision to commit to the Huskies shortly thereafter. “Camp has been exciting,” Julan said following Monday’s second practice. “It’s a learning experience for me, working on my routes and getting better.” While very athletic and showing lots of potential, Julan is relatively new to football as he has more of a background in basketball. “This is just my third year of football,” Julan stated. Despite his lack of experience, Coach Towriss mentioned Julan to Huskie Outsider, prior to spring camp, and stated that Lynch has a lot of potential.

Following this morning’s practice, receivers’ coach, Jason Sulz, spoke glowingly of Julan’s performance in camp. “Julan has made huge strides, even from spring camp, in understanding alignment and route mechanics. He’s catching the ball really well – he’s made some great catches off of his shoelaces, and some other hard ones.” Being new to the Huskie program does pose some challenges for Lynch. “His head is swimming a little bit as we insert more into the offense, but he’s a guy who learns real well. If you say something in meetings and film, he shows on the field that he was listening and that he can put it to use.”

Julan has a rather interesting story regarding the academic path that he will follow at the UofS. “I’m going to start with Arts and Science, because I’m not sure yet what career I will pursue. I was going to attend SIAST, but everything changed once I started getting offers in football and basketball.”

Julan enjoys being a part of Huskie football. “It’s pretty good…it’s a great atmosphere! I love the energy that the guys bring out here. I’m looking forward to a great season.”

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