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Officially Speaking: 2012 rule changes

With the CIS season only a few days away, its once again time to bring in the Huskie Outsider resident official, WhiteHat, to discuss some of the off-season rule changes. If you have any questions about CIS rules, please email us at and we will get some answers in a future column.

Huskie Outsider: We understand that there are a lot of new rules being put in place to address concussion concerns. Can you elaborate?

WhiteHat: In addition to some a number of housekeeping items, concussion concerns are the main impetus for a number of rule changes.

All eye shields must now be clear, with no medical exemptions allowed. Medical staff must be able to see the player’s face in order to assess possible injuries to the head or neck areas.

Further, if a ball carrier’s helmet comes off, the play is to be whistled dead immediately. If any player other than the ball carrier’s helmet involuntarily comes off during the play, except as a result of a foul, the player shall be required to leave the game for three plays. Any player who has lost his/her helmet must immediately stop participating in the play. Failure to do so will result in a ten yard penalty. Finally, hitting a player who has lost his/her helmet is to be ruled Unnecessary Roughness which is a 15 yard penalty.
Outsider: We also understand that there are some changes to movement on the offensive line.

WhiteHat; That’s right. If the movement of any Team A line player, in their 3-4 point stance, prior to the snap, is slight and does not result in drawing a Team B player offside, there shall be no foul called. If, however, Team B reacts to the movement of a Team A player’s “flinch” in their 3-4 point stance, the penalty will be illegal procedure.

Outsider: WhiteHat will be back after each home game to answer any questions you had during that game.

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