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Huskies vs Gryphons pre-game blog

Welcome back to the Huskie Outsider pre-game live blog. Today, we will update you from the stadium up until 5:45pm. After that, flip on Global TV for a live report from the stadium. Then tune in to at 6:30 for the start of the radio broadcast. Kick off tonight is at 7:00. Next week, OutsiderTV will have a live broadcast from the stadium from 6pm to 6:30pm. We hope to see you then!

5:50pm: Well, it was a busy afternoon for us, so we didn’t post as much as normal. Next week, we will have a live TV pre-game show. So, until then, see you at the game!

5:40pm: The Special Teams are out on the field. The wind has picked up a lot, but it is suppose to die down a bit tonight.

5:25pm: Coach Towriss just told us that the Huskies intend to play Drew Burko for about a quarter and a half. Chase Bradsahw will finish the second quarter. Matt Bonaca will play the third quarter. And Bradshaw will return at the end. The Huskies want to give all three of those guys playing time tonight as non has appeared in a CIS game.

5:10pm: The gates to the stadium are open. There are fans filing in early to take advantage of the pre-game BBQ. There is a live band there with burgers, drinks and other things. The tailgaters are in full around the park. There is a sense of excitement in the air!

5:00pm: Offensive Line Coach Travis Serke just stopped by. He says that Coach Arnold and himself want to see how guys play in game conditions. He said the O Line caught onto the system during training camp, and now he wants to see it work in game conditiions. He said the guys got better every day and now they are looking forward to hitting someone from another team. He is really looking forward to seeing the younger guys play later in the game.

4:50pm: The coaches just finished their pre-game meal. The Huskies have a team meeting at 5:10. The locker room is getting very quiet now.

4:35pm Jake, the dog that the Huskies enter the stadium through was just inflated. We won’t give away anything on the team intro, but there are some new elements that have been added, that you will easily see this season. There is a pre-game BBQ next to the stadium starting at 5:00. The burgers already smell great.

4:25pm: The Gryphons have arrived. Just saw coach Stu Lang, who managed to get some rest today. Coach Lane was at the Huskies Kick-off Luncheon today and was interviewed by Laurence Nixon. Lang said that they Gryphons are excited to play here and he is hoping that the players learn from tonight and bond as a team. Coach Lang touched on his team and said they had a less physical training camp this year and two good recruiting classes. Most CIS observers have them as a good, young, up and coming team.

4:20pm: Receivers Coach Jason Sulz just stopped by the blogging centre. He said that he wants to see some consistency and big play ability from his troops tonight. He said Kit Hillis was hurt and didn’t get many snaps last year, so the coaches want to see what he does this year. They are also excited to see Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren who has moved positions

4:15pm: There is a steady stream of people coming by the Griffiths Stadium box office to buy tickets. The weather is suppose to hold off until over night now, so the Huskies are expected a big walk up crowd. If you are coming to the game, you may want to pick up tickets early. Season ticket holders can pick up tickets at the Griffiths Stadium Box Office.

4:05pm: Most of the players are at the stadium and it is still noisy in the locker room. However, it is starting to quiet down as the guys start to get in their pre-game zone.

The Huskies new uniforms (photo: Derek Mortensen)

4:00pm: Above is a photo of in the locker room of the new uniforms the Huskies will be wearing tonight.

3:55pm: Brandon Crowe is the the new radio play-by-play for CK750. He will be joined once again by colour commentator Kelly Bowers. The CK750 crew is in BTs office going over some pre-game material with the coach. Crowe has been at a lot of practices and will bring a new flavour to the broadcasts. If you can’t make it in to Saskatoon tonight, be sure to tune in.

3:45pm Drew Burko will be getting his first start as a CIS quarterback tonight. Burko’s dad, Darrell, is a defensive backs coach with the Huskies. We asked him what it was like to be around when his son makes his first start. He said it is probably much more nerve racking for dad than it is for Drew. Coach Burko is very proud of Drew, and he recognize the pressure that Drew  is under. He said that he was less nervous as the week went on as he saw how much Drew was improving.

3:35pm We just spoke with Coach Towriss about the Gryphons program. He told us they are an up and coming team and he has lots of respect for what Coach Lang is doing for the program. The gryphons have only had four practices before coming here, but BT thinks they will be ready to play. He said that he wants to thank the Gryphons for coming here..

The Huskie locker room, four hours before kick-off (photo: Derek Mortensen)

3:25pm: The Huskies locker room is set for the game. The team will be wearing all green uniforms for the first time since before Coach Towriss was part of the program in he 1970s. Its possible that they wore them before that, but everyone we have asked doesn’t remember a time. So, you can witness history at tonight’s game.

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