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High school camp participants have fun while raising their skill level

The Huskies’ summer football camp concluded earlier today with a scrimmage between two teams formed from the 120 camp attendees. The scrimmage was a culmination of a full week of fun, learning, hard work, and camaraderie among both the players and coaches. Following Thursday morning’s practice, some of the camp participants spoke with Huskie Outsider to discuss their camp experience and their hopes of using what they’ve learned to help extend their football careers beyond high school.

Offensive lineman, Cassidy Follensbee (white jersey) participates in 1 on 1 drills vs. the DLine (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Cassidy Follensbee is an offensive lineman from Vanier Collegiate in Moose Jaw. “I’ve come to this camp for each of the last 3 years. I had heard a lot of positive things about the camp from players who had come in the past. I love the intensity here. The Friday scrimmage is always good too. I’ve learned a lot about footwork, how to use my hands, pop the hips, and keeping the head back. Coach Serke always keeps us working hard.” Cassidy was asked about his football ambition beyond high school, and there was no hesitation in his answer. “I want to be a Huskie – that would be cool.”

Mason Dick is an offensive lineman who travelled from Winnipeg in order to attend the Huskies’ summer football camp (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Cassidy has been very outgoing and a real character in camp, as has fellow OLineman Mason Dick. Mason attends Kildonan East High School in Winnipeg. He had plenty of positives to share about his Huskie camp experience. “The coaching has been great, the dorm is good, the competition is good, and it’s been fun.” Mason decided to attend an out of province camp after meeting Huskie head coach Brian Towriss, and defensive backs coach Darry Burko. “I met them at the Football Canada Cup. They mentioned the camp to me, and I wanted to come out and give it a try.” Like the other players in camp, Mason was looking forward to the scrimmage that took place this morning. “I want to play with my fellow hoggies, get a win, and show them what I’ve got.” He also sees himself playing football well beyond high school. “I want to play in the CIS. Pro football would be nice, but I guess that’s a dream right now.”

Gabe Simons (black jersey) leaps to defend a pass (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Gabe Simons is a safety with Regina’s Luther Collegiate. He was a member of Team Saskatchewan’s Football Canada Cup team, and is entering grade 11 this fall. He was asked what he has liked most about the camp. “I really like the intensity, and there is lots of individual time with plenty of learning. Instead of long scrimmages, there is a lot of time with 2 coaches and only 10 players. I’ve enjoyed the 7 on 7 time as well.” Mason talked about one of the things that the coaches had him focus on during camp. “For a safety, to make sure that the drops are in the middle, splitting the two slotbacks.” Even though he still has 2 years of high school remaining, Gabe has already been thinking about playing football at another level. “I want to play in university, and then hopefully pro football.”

Receiver, Mitch Hillis (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Mitch Hillis is a receiver for Holy Cross high school in Saskatoon, and he was a member of Saskatchewan’s Football Canada Cup team. His brother, Kit, is a slotback with the Dogs. “I’m learning a lot – the coaching here is good,” Mitch said of the camp. “This is my fourth time attending a Huskie football camp. My brother attended them, and I came to watch him when I was younger, and I guess I’ve followed in his footsteps.” Mitch was asked what, in particular, he is working on in camp this summer. “Running proper routes, how to read coverages and adjust your routes depending on that. I’ve also been working a lot on footwork.” Coach Towriss has been impressed with how smooth Mitch is on the field. “I want to play post-secondary football,” Mitch stated when asked about his future. “Playing for the Huskies would be really cool, but I’ll be focused on the season coming up and then we’ll see how things go.”

Preston McIntyre takes part in a short scrimmage at the end of Thursday morning’s practice (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Preston McIntyre is a standout defensive lineman for Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon. “I’m learning a lot this week,” Preston said about the camp. “The coaches have been helping me with my stance and takeoff – being quick off the line. They’ve also been helping me with my pass rush moves.” Preston had his eye towards what many camp participants consider to be the highlight of the weeklong camp. “I’m looking forward to the scrimmage – it’s going to be fun.” Following his senior year of high school, Preston would like to become a member of the Dogs. “I want to play CIS football, hopefully with the Huskies. We’ll see where things go.”

Huskie Outsider would like to thank Preston, Mitch, Gabe, Mason, and Cassidy for talking about their camp experience. We hope that they, and all of the camp participants, have a successful 2012 season with their respective schools.”

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