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Offense making progress

Without question, the Huskie offense needs to improve in 2012. Last year, the output on that side of the ball was inconsistent, with a propensity for coughing up the ball and getting into 2nd down and 10+ yard situations. This was something that offensive coordinator, Brent Schneider, spoke with Huskie Outsider about following spring camp. Yesterday, Coach Schneider spoke with Huskie Outsider about the progress that he is seeing on offence.

Huskies’ offensive coordinator, Brent Schneider (photo Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

“I’ve seen lots of progress,” Schneider stated. “We haven’t come and smelled it out on any day, we’ve only gone forward. I’m really happy with what we’re doing. We’ve thrown a lot of stuff at these guys, and the guys are having fun with it.” Coach Schneider then re-addressed the issue of ball security and the importance of gaining positive yards. “We’ve thrown a few interceptions, but this morning was practice #7 and it was the first time we’ve put the ball on the ground. We don’t want to see that, ever. And certainly, one of our biggest issues last year was going backwards. We want to go forward, and we’ve been doing that.”

We also took the opportunity to ask Brent about the four quarterbacks he works with in his role as QB coach. “I’m really impressed with everybody. We’re throwing the ball all over the field right now, getting the ball out of our hands on time, and we’re seeing things. I couldn’t be happier.” Coach Schneider then spoke about the Huskies’ new starting quarterback, Drew Burko. “Drew has come in physically and mentally ready. He’s come to camp prepared to take this on, and do a good job for us.” As he left the field, Schneider also mentioned the performance of Chase Bradshaw in camp. “I like how Chase is throwing the ball.” He was then asked if Bradshaw is the best #2 QB in the conference, and he replied, “I think he will be in a couple of weeks, once he picks up a little more of our offense.”

Later today, you’ll hear from some of Burko’s targets in the receiving corps, and we hope to get a word or two with receiver’s coach, Jason Sulz.

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