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Coach Moser doesn’t want DLine to be content

DLine coaches Cal Hobbs and Aaron Moser

The Huskies enjoy the luxury of a veteran front four who are a tough challenge for the offense to face in practice. On top of that, there are several young Dlinemen who are battling their way up the depth chart. Coach Aaron Moser is fairly pleased with how the group has performed. “The first group are in their fourth and fifth years, and they’re doing well, which we expect from them. They can’t be content with where they’re at though, they need to keep pushing to get better. But we’re also happy with how the rookies are doing – there are 5 or 6 first year players who are doing very well.”

Defensive end, Ben Rush, is generally considered the #3 guy behind returning starters Joel Seutter and Levi Steinhauer. Rush has had to sit out the last couple of days with a sore neck. The injury isn’t considered to be serious, but Coach Moser was asked who the next guy off the bench might be if needed. “As it stands right now, it would probably be Alex Burko. He’s been here for a few years now, and he’s a veteran player that is very disciplined. Alex is always in the right place, and he’s improved physically. But having said that, we still have to get through camp and the Guelph game. There’s other options too – Zach Hart has been playing inside at tackle, but he was a conference all star in 2010 off the edge. We always have that option to move him to the end because he’s played at a high level there, and there’s good competition between the tackles. So, today, it’s Alex, but that competition has to unfold through camp.”

With the non-conference game vs. the University of Guelph a mere four days away, Coach Moser was asked about how many members of the DLine could expect to see action against the Gryphons. “I hope to get just about everybody in the game,” he said. “I think we have a pretty good idea what our veteran players can do – but I do think that it’s important that they play for a quarter, or half of a quarter. The guys that we really need to see are the guys competing for that fifth, sixth, and even seventh spot in case we get into an injury situation. There is a ton of competition there right now, and it’s a real good thing for us.”

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets for the game against the Gryphons, you can do so by phoning 966-1111.

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