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Camp Confidential: Practice 6


-Sunday morning’s practice was held under sunny skies with a scorching sun. A nice breeze from the south cooled things off, and this was a good change from the still air during the first few days.

The offensive line prepares for a drill at Training Camp (Photo: Liam Richards)

-The Huskies continued to install more special teams this morning. Special Teams Co-ordinator Doug Humbert put the team through some drills and they worked on the punt teams again.

-The practice was light on team work and more on fundamentals and learning. Offensive Co-ordintor Brent Schneider introduced some new packages that the offense spent a lot of time working on. While this was happening, the defense worked on some coverages and and stunts. All of this is very typical of the third day of camp.

-In the afternoon, the Huskies did a lot more team work. You can really start to see the team evolving and getting better. There are still a lot of mistakes and things that need to be improved, but the team looks better after each practice.

-Kit Hillis appears to be back on form after missing part of last year due to injury. The speedy receiver had a great camp last fall and a promising start to his CIS career before getting injured early in the season. It is good to see him back.

-In pass skelton this afternoon, Parker Siemens hit Jeremy Andrew for a 42 yard touchdown. Andrew leaked out of the backfield and found a soft spot deep in the zone. Siemens had to lay the ball in perfectly and he did which resulted in a nice looking play.


-Yesterday, Coach Towriss spoke of the importance of the RB’s hitting the hole hard, even when there isn’t a hole there. Today, we saw a lot more of this from the tailbacks and BT singled out freshman Drew Bexson for some tough running.

-The Huskies field a talented and veteran defensive line that is tough to run on, but in scrimmage this afternoon we saw a couple of nice runs from Shane Buchanan (15 yard run off-tackle left) and 7 yard rush up the middle by freshman Brandon Stewart. Those aren’t incredibly long carries, but against this DLine those are good yards.

-Hopefully, the consistent placekicking that we saw today will be a sign of things to come. Cole Samson and Denton Kolodzinski were each 3/3 on field goals of 37 yards, and then Samson ended the session with an attempt from 47 yards that sailed through the uprights. This morning, Samson was 3/4 from 27 yards, while Kolodzinski was 2/3 from the same distance.

-Some of the younger players, on the defensive side of the ball, had some bright moments in scrimmage today – Jacques Geyer broke up a play action pass to Sean Stenger, and freshman Brendan Ernst picked off a Chase Bradshaw pass.


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