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Camp Confidential: Practice #3

The Huskies keep working the rust off and are starting to find their groove. The beautiful weather is helping to attract fans – one estimate had 200 observing practice this morning.

Here are a few observations from this morning’s practice from the Huskie Outsider team:

Tom: A dominant performance was turned in by the defense during the scrimmage that took place in the early part of practice.

In passing drills, Christian Gottenbos, Garrett Burgess, and Sean Stenger were sure-handed. During those same passing drills, receivers’ coach, Jason Sulz, served as a halfback and showed off the good hands that made him a standout slotback in his playing days with the Huskies – making an interception!

Defensive lineman Dylan Wright

Craig Woloshyn earned praise from OLine coach, Bart Arnold for his good pass protection against Zach Hart during one-on-one’s vs. the DLine. Freshman Brayden Twarynski, along with Dylan Wright earned the praise of Coaches Hobbs and Moser for their ability to get to the QB in those same drills

Freshman Matt Bonaca hit Garrett Burgess for a 30 yard touchdown during scrimmage.

During these first two days of camp it has been great to see all of the help that veteran DB’s have been giving to the less experienced members of their unit – particularly during scrimmages.

Dallas: There were a lot of great battles at camp this morning, with the mesh drill near the end of the session providing fireworks, as blitzing linebacker Dane Bishop was leveled by a block from newcomer Travoy Martinez.

The scrimmage to end the practice featured a number of nice plays. Notably, Jordon Hilgers intercepted a Chase Bradshaw pass after some excellent pressure by the defensive line, and David Craig Penner intercepted a pass after a nice read. Veteran corner Mitch Friesen also had a pass knockdown.

Receiver Garrett Burgess

Offensively, other than the great catch by Garrett Burgess for a touchdown, Braeden George had a nice catch in traffic during the scrimmage, and the offensive line is starting to open up some holes for the running game. Travoy Martinez showed his explosiveness and speed during the scrimmage, gaining 20 yards on a carry off tackle right.

Ryan: The weather here was great for fans. Maybe a little too warm for football. The temperature was 22 degrees this morning with not clouds and a slight breeze. Coach Towriss made sure that all of the players had extra hydration.

Linebacker Jordon Hilgers

Jordan Hilgers had a nice interception in the team sessions near the end of the practice. You would think that with younger and new quarterbacks there would be more picks, but the QBs seem to be making some good reads and are getting the ball to the receivers more often than not.

Julan Lynch, who decided to attend the U of S this summer has been a nice addition at receiver. He is playing in the slot right now and doesn’t look like a rookie. That is a good thing as he is adding some depth to the receiver group.

Does Christian Gottenbos ever drop the football?? I am sure he does, but I didn’t see him drop anything today.

The Huskies offense looks a lot more comfortable this morning. It may have to do with getting the reps in, or maybe it has something to do with Coach Towriss’ booming voice ‘encouraging’ them to perform better.

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