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Recruit Profile: Evan Johnson

It’s safe to say Evan Johnson has had dream year.

After representing Team Saskatchewan at the 2011 Football Canada Cup, Evan was named a Schwann Conference all-star and Regina’s top high school lineman. He was also named as the Saskatchewan Senior Bowl’s team south top offensive lineman last weekend. Oh, and there was that introduction as one of the 2012 recruiting class in front of 2000 Huskie fans at the Dogs’ Breakfast.

Evan Johnson is welcomed to the Saskatchewan Huskies by Head Coach Brian Towriss (photo by Liam Richards)

“Evan is another Team Saskatchewan player and is a top-flight rugby player,” described Head Coach Brian Towriss. “He’s about 6-3, and 230 pounds. Most of his weight is below his weight right now, kind of like (former Huskie) Paddy Neufeld was when he graduated high school. He’s got lots of potential but will need time to develop and put on weight.”

For a top athlete like Evan, only one of the top universities in the country would fit his academic and athletic needs. “I had a couple different universities coming after me,” he said. “The University of Saskatchewan has a great football team and also has the career path that I wanted and all the pieces fit together to come here.” Like many of his teammates, Evan will be enrolling in the College of Engineering in the fall.

Huskie offensive lineman Evan Johnson

Evan impressed many with his play at spring camp, and he feels he did well, although he is aware he has to develop more before he is ready to be starter in the CIS. “It’s definitely a much bigger and faster game here. I have to put on some size over the summer and build up some strength.”

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