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Recruit Profile: Devin Logan

Devin Logan is an RB recruit who comes to the UofS from Abbottsford, British Columbia. Devin attends W.J. Mouat Collegiate, where he was teammates with Devin Bain, a receiver recruit who was profiled yesterday.

Devin Logan is welcomed to Huskie Football by Coach Brian Towriss, and 2000 fans, during the Dogs’ Breakfast (photo Liam Richards)

Huskie Outsider contacted Devin a week prior to camp in order to discuss his decision to attend the UofS. “Coach Towriss has a great record, and he stresses excellence on the field and in the classroom. I also got to know Dexter Janke (Huskie 2nd year RB) during my visit, and I got a sense of the great atmosphere that exists with the Huskies.” He was asked which college he would be enrolling in. “I will take kinesiology and maybe become a personal trainer in the future.”

Devin was asked for his first impressions of Huskie football after last Friday’s spring camp practice. “It’s great – I’m learning new things and trying to get used to the speed. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of hitting people hard, and I’m working on my blocking and footwork. I’m a little more comfortable now, after two practices. Yesterday I was pretty nervous and got hit pretty hard.”

Devin Logan receives a handoff during the Huskies’ spring camp

Coach Sulz spoke with Huskie Outsider, prior to camp, about Logan. “He’s one of the best backs coming out of B.C. Physically, he’s one of the recruits who is closest to being ready to step in. He’s smooth and runs well. We will have to see what his pass protection is like and how quickly he can pick up the offence.”

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