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Recruit Profile: Caleb Eidsvik

Caleb Eidsvik is a defensive lineman from Lloydminster who also played for Team Alberta in last summer’s Football Canada Cup.

Caleb Eidsvik is welcomed to by Coach BT and 2000 Huskie fans during the Dogs’ Breakfast (photo Liam Richards)

Huskie Outsider caught up with Caleb after spring camp concluded. He discussed why he chose to join the Huskies. “I’m impressed with the level of commitment to the players here, and how much they help with your education. I know that since they’re going to help me, that I need to be giving 100% for them as well.” Eidsvik will begin his studies in Arts and Science with hopes of later entering Veterinary Medicine.

Caleb was asked for his reaction to his first camp as a Huskie. “It was good to come out and get a feel for how good university level players are, and grade myself against them in order to see where I need to be. It’s quite a step up to be on the field with guys who have been here for 4 or 5 years and know what they’re doing. I did a pretty good job of raising my level of play from the start to the end of camp; I need to keep improving though, because I know that these guys are way ahead of me.”

Caleb Eidsvik

Coach Jason Sulz provide Huskie Outsider with a primer on Eidvik’s ability as a football player. “Caleb brings a good frame and is a strong academic. We’re looking for big bodies in the middle. He was athletic enough to play middle linebacker in his grade 12 year, and was able to direct the defense, which bodes well for him in making the transition to our game.”

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