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Recruit Profile: Brayden Twarynski

Brayden Twarynski is a defensive line recruit from Calgary. Brayden joins the Dogs after having played for Bishop O’Byrne Collegiate, and Team Alberta.

Brayden Twarynski being introduced in front of 2000 Huskie fans at the Dogs’ Breakfast (photo Liam Richards)

Brayden was asked what led to him selecting the UofS over other programs. “I can’t pinpoint one thing,” he stated. “There were so many reasons. This is a great coaching staff and team environment. This football program has an incredible facility to train. I’ve got lots of family here too.” Brayden will be enrolled in the College of Engineering.

During the mid-point of camp, Brayden was asked for his reaction to the start of his CIS career. “It’s lots of fun. There’s an adjustment that needs to be made to the speed of the game at this level – it’ll take time, but I’m slowly working on it.” Twarynski went on to comment about his areas of strength, and where he needs to improve. “I’d like to think that my speed is pretty good for where I need to be at this level. I’ll need to work on some of the technical things such as hand positioning. Every little step counts now, and you can’t mess up at all.”

Brayden Twarynski at Spring Camp (Photo: Liam Richards)

Prior to camp, Coach Towriss had this to say about Brayden: “He’s one of the top defensive linemen in western Canada. He’s a very good offensive lineman too, but he’ll be playing on the DLine for us. He’s big, mobile, and has a great work ethic.”

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  1. garnyek says:

    Congratulations Brayden! Very nice shot with BT and an informative article. Tom, will all the recruits be profiled this way? Looking forward to it.

  2. The Outsider says:

    All of the recruits should be posted this way… we plan to do a few a day until we get to them all, but might take a the weekend off to be with our moms :)

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