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Practice report: Saturday, May 5

Saturday’s practices saw the team take some great strides, with players settling in and starting to perform. This is especially true of the new recruits, many of whom were equally as impressive as the veterans on Saturday.

The early practice had much better weather than the previous two practices. With the wind settling down, the quarterbacks were able to air the ball out more and test the receivers. We continued to see solid play from the running backs, linebackers and defensive line in particular, although excellent performances could be seen from each group on the field.

Saskatchewan Huskies Spring Camp

Last night, practice was postponed due to lightning. The Huskies were nearing the end of practice when the skies opened up and sheets of rain came down. The team decided to keep practicing as they have to play in the rain. About ten minutes later, there was lighting and Coach Towriss blew his whistle and everyone headed inside. With only one lightning flash, the team waited for half an hour and then headed out to finish the practice. About 15 minutes after that, there was more lightning, so Coach Towriss called the practice and met with the team in the clubhouse.


Top Recruit

Defensive tackle Brayden Twarynski

Ryan: There is no question that Brayden Twarynski was the top recruit of the day. He showed his speed and quickness off the line and was often in the offensive backfield. He was playing against some of the younger guys, but it is going to be hard for the coaches to not give him reps against some of the vets to see what he can do.

Dallas: I agree with Ryan. Brayden Twarynski killed it in one-on-one drills in the morning. He’s powerful, quick and smart. He has the technique of a much more experienced player and will be a front runner for a roster spot if he keeps up this high level of play in fall camp.

Tom: DL Brayden Twarynski turned in a dominant performance in 1 on 1 drills vs. the OLine, getting to the QB a few times and recovering a fumble. After watching him yesterday, it’s easy to think that he has an opportunity for a great Huskie career and will push for playing time as a freshman.

Defensive Tackle Glen Joorisity

Top Veteran

Tom: DL Glen Joorisity had solid day yesterday, and according to DLine coach, Aaron Moser, and def. coordinator, Ed Carleton, he has had a great spring camp.

Ryan: I noticed Andrew Abbs had a nice scrimmage in the morning. He had an interception and a few knock downs. Abbs is battling for a starting spot in the defensive backfield and playing like this will make the coaches notice.

Dallas: Christian Gottenbos is catching nearly everythig thrown his way and is showing the presence of mind to secure the ball, turn up field, and maximize the yards after the catch. The expectations will be high for him to come through in fall camp, and I think he wil deliver.

Quarterback Chase Bradshaw

Play of the Practice

Tom: RB recruit Brandon Stewart is looking better with each practice. During the morning scrimmage he had a couple of good rushes, including a 20 yarder up the middle where DB Andrew Abbs made a good tackle after Stewart had lowered his shoulder and drove into him.

Dallas: The top play came during pass skeleton in the morning workout, when Chase Bradshaw rolled to his right and saw Deion Bain runing and out and up just behind the corner. He launched the ball deep and placed it perfectly, with Bain turning it into a 60 yard gain.

Ryan: Dallas already said it. The Bradshaw to Bain 60 yard throw and catch. What impressed me the most was how perfectly the ball was thrown as it hit Bain in the hands in full stride. Could be the play of the Spring Camp, but we will have to see what happens today in scrimmage.

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