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Practice report: Friday, May 4

The Huskie coaching staff put the team through a long practice Friday evening, one which was still heavy on teaching fundamentals.

This practice featured a new drill the coaching staff referred to as the “paws” drill. This drill, similar to the infamous A drill, had three offensive linemen and two defensive linemen battle along the line of scrimmage, with a running back trying to get through the defenders. The corridor for the drill is narrow (about five yards wide), and if the running back escapes the first set of defenders, he has to contend with a defensive back (who is being blocked by a receiver) before he is home free. There were a few nice plays from both the offence and defence in both the rookie and veteran drills.

Dexter Janke waits for the handoff in the paws drill

It was nice to have the sun out for the majority of this practice, although the wind was a factor, yet again. Hopefully today’s practices, which are at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., are a little less windy for the parents and fans in attendance.


Top Recruit

Tom: Today’s practice was an opportunity for the rb’s to stand out with the paws drill, and Jarvis James did just that. He showed great vision and change of direction en route to finding paydirt 3 times.

Dallas: I’m going with Matt Bonaca, who made a great pass to the corner of the endzone for a touchdown in the second half of practice. He’s been impressing many with his play so far and is pushing the veteran quarterbacks with his arm strength and accuracy.

Ryan: I spent most of my time watching the veterans last night, so I am going to defer selecting my top recruit of the practice

Jarvis James finishes off the paws drill

Top Veteran

Ryan: Levi Steinhauer was everywhere last night. Big Red was quick off the ball and disrupted a number of plays from his defensive end position. I noticed him more last night, than any practice last year. With three years under his belt (he red-shirted his first year), it is his turn to make the step to the next level and it appears that he is doing just that.

Tom: I’m sticking with the tailbacks and going with Dexter Janke. He had a couple of good carries during the paws drill and really lowered the boom on a defensive back at the end of one play.

Dallas: The new paws drill led to some good plays by both the offence and defence. One of the better plays was by my top veteran of the day, David Rybinski, who quickly overpowered and shed his blocker to take the running back down just after he crossed the line of scrimmage. It was an athletic play by a seasoned veteran.

Play of the Practice

Dallas: During the PAWS drill, Dexter Janke got through the line and headed into the secondary. The defensive back made a good play to force Dexter to the sideline, but Dexter made sure the DB paid for the tackle by lowering his head and flattening the defeder with a big hit.

Ryan: Dexter Janke’s run in the PAWS drill. He busted through the line and scampered down the left side for a touchdown. His explosiveness through the line was on display. Janke is clearly ahead of all of the other running backs right now. Some of the younger guys looked good to, but Dexter’s run showed why he will be the feature back.

Tom: I’m going with the touchdown pass, described by Dallas, that Matt Bonaca threw. It was a beautiful 20-25 yard touchdown pass to Julan Lynch.

3 Responses to “Practice report: Friday, May 4”

  1. ramhater says:

    Saw Dexter J. at Dogs’ Breakfast and couldn’t believe how much bigger he looked compared to last fall. (Either he has been spending quite a bit of time in weight room or he has developed some sort of rare glandual condition!) Should benefit his ability to break tackles and durability.

  2. Kevin Jesus says:

    Is this a similar drill to the one where Dathan Thomas injured his leg?

    • Dallas Carpenter says:

      Hey Kevin: it’s similar, but not as much of a gauntlet. It has more guys right at the line and one fewer layer after. No linebackers in this, so it’s a little easier on the running back. Good to hear from you.

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