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New faces come prepared to compete along offensive line

Offensive line coach, Travis Serke, spoke with Huskie Outsider following spring camp’s opening practice on Thursday. When asked for an early assessment of his unit, he was quick to mention the training that took place during the winter.”Once again, our off-season program is paying dividends. The guys have come back bigger, stronger, and faster. I’m also impressed with what I am seeing from the recruits who’ve come in. I think it’s a testament to the job that Football Saskatchewan is doing; the young guys are lifting weights, they’re in shape, and they’re coming in here closer to being ready for the field than they’ve ever been before.”

Evan Johnson, a recruit from Regina’s Campbell Collegiate, receives his Huskie Jersey from Coach Towriss during the Dogs’ Breakfast (photo Liam Richards)

“Evan Johnson (Regina’s Campbell Collegiate) has a great lower body on him. Ryan Breadner (Cherokee Texas) is real raw, but he’s certainly going to be an asset for us sooner rather than later.”

During 1 on 1 drills between the offensive and defensive lines, Huskie fans noticed the physical and aggressive play from 5th year, converted defensive tackle, Craig Woloshyn. “That is his strength,” commented coach Serke. “Craig is a very physical football player. We probably should have had him along the offensive line a year or two earlier. Craig is at the point where he’s finally got the system figured out and he can apply it. Along the offensive line, there isn’t time to be thinking – when the ball snaps you have to react. Last year he was in the thinking stages, and this year he looks a little smoother. If Craig Woloshyn has the system down, then he’s going to be playing football for us.”

Coach Serke finished our talk with some praise for the performance of two veterans in Thursday’s practice. “Cam Redl did a really good job – we flipped him over to left tackle. Brad Nehring looked good as well.”

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