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Mwamba returns from stint with P.F.C.’s Wildcats

Ron Mwamba was a promising recruit at linebacker as part of the 2010 recruiting class. His calling card was that he liked to hit. In 2011, Mwamba returned to his home town of Edmonton to play for the P.F.C.’s Wildcats. He is back with the Dogs in 2012, and he spoke with Huskie outsider about what he came away with by spending a year playing junior football. ” I went in knowing that I had a few things to work on. Coach Carleton (Huskies’ defensive coordinator and linebacker’s coach) wanted to see me focus on my pass drops and coverage skills. It was also good in that it provided me an opportunity to build my confidence with more playing time than I had as a freshman.”

Ron Mwamba is back in a Huskie jersey after a year of junior football in Edmonton

Ron went on to talk about his return to the Huskies. “In my first year with the Huskies, I was a 17 year old coming in with nerves. Now I’ve got my confidence back – I’ll work hard and see where it goes. I’m slowly starting to get re-accustomed to the speed of CIS football.” Mwamba also spoke about the importance of helping out the new Huskie recruits. “I want to be a good teammate and help the rookies out the same way I was helped out two years ago.”

Ron also shared his goals for spring camp. “I want to move up one position on the depth chart.” He went on to talk about the young talent on the linebacking corps. “I was at spring camp last year, and there were some rookies who came in and were nervous. Now I’m back one year later and they’re like full grown men. They’ve been working out; I’ll have to step it up if I don’t want them to beat me.”

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