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Good spring camp for shorthanded receiving corps

The Huskies were without 3 veteran receivers in Mitch Stevens, Jerit Lambert, and Kit Hillis during spring camp, as they recovered from injuries. Add to that the departure of wide receiver Rory Kohlert to the CFL, and that resulted in a lot of new faces getting a good look over the 4 day camp. Coach Jason Sulz spoke to Huskie Outsider about receivers. “The receivers had a pretty good camp. The injuries to some veterans gave an opportunity for some other guys to step up and it gave us a good look at them. I was pleased with the direction that they’re headed. We saw some guys from out of town that were competing for spots, and they did pretty well. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to see a little more from them during the scrimmage, but the conditions didn’t allow for it.” He also spoke glowingly of the offseason that his unit had. “Everyone improved physically”

Huskie recruit, Deion Bain (photo Liam Richards)

One of the receivers getting a good look during camp was 2012 recruit, Deion Bain. Coach Sulz was asked for his comments about one of the newest Huskies. “He’s an athlete. He’s a compact receiver. He has lots of energy – we’re going to focus that energy into a little more technique, and I think he’s going to be pretty good for us once he gets his head wrapped around some of the concepts that we’re going through.

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