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Coordinators Corner: Coach Schneider on the offense

This is the second in our three part series speaking with the Huskies Coordinators. Up now, Offensive Coordinator Brent Schneider.

The Huskies offense is in the middle of a transition from an experienced and veteran group two years ago, to a young and enthusiastic group this season.

Huskies Offensive Coordinator Brent Schneider talks to Quarterback Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren during a game last season (Photo: Derek Mortonsen for Liam Richards Photography).

The Huskies coaches have spent most of the winter self-scouting themselves and adding some new wrinkles on offense. “I think that this is probably the best job we have done in the off-season in terms of scouting ourselves and looking at new concepts,” said Schneider. “We’ve really identified some things that we think will help improve our game in the pass and run. We are going to try to implement a few new things that are going to take a bit of time and reps. As coaches, we are excited about this and we are excited to see what happens on the field this weekend.”
The Huskies coaches spent some time at Clemson this winter, learning about some of their systems. “The experience at Clemson was great,” said Schneider. “Watching some of the things that they do on and off the field were really inspiring. We got to see some great systems and outstanding coaches and we are going to use some of their ideas here.”

The Huskies have battles in every position on offense.

“We’ve got an offensive line that has a lot of potential to be better than last year,” said Schneider. “Loosing Ben Heenan will be a huge hit, but across the board, we feel we will be much better. We are looking forward to seeing how things play out.”

“At tailback, we have a lot of unknowns,” he said. “Dexter Janke is back but after that there are two or three great recruits and we hope that one of them is able to step up and  contribute this year. We will be relying on Dexter to be a leader here though.”

“At receiver, we have a few unknowns with Rory Kohlert graduating” Schneider said.  “We have a few other question marks with some injuries and depth. We hope that Braeden George continues to improve as he has in the offseason. And we expect that some of the young guys are going to step up this year.”

“At quarterback, we have two new guys coming in,” said the former Huskies quarterback. “We’ve seen some of the guys over the winter and we want to use spring camp to see where everyone fits in and see if our suspicions are correct.”

“We’ve got Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren, Parker Siemens and Drew Burko returning. Chase Bradshaw is coming over from the Hilltops this weekend and we have a recruit, Matt Bonaca, as well,” he said. “In terms of Chase’s long-term commitment, we have both said that we will talk after camp to see where he fits in and whether he wants to spend the season here. He is a good kid, with a good arm.”

The Offensive Coaches liked what they saw in the first practice and hope to see that continue tonight at Spring Camp.

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