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McCall and MacDougall ready themselves for CFL’s E-Camp

Three UofS Huskies have been invited to the CFL’s E-Camp which takes place March 2-4. The E-Camp is the CFL’s version of the NFL combine. Ben Heenan has been in Los Angeles preparing for the camp, and he will be joined by Huskie safety Bryce McCall and halfback/cornerback Keenan MacDougall. McCall and MacDougall spoke with Huskie Outsider about the evaluation camp.

Bryce McCall is ranked 8th by the CFL's scouting bureau for the upcoming draft (photo Derek Mortenson for Liam Richards Photography)

“I want to do the best that I can,” Bryce commented. “The numbers will take care of themselves.” Bryce was asked about his preparation for the camp. “I’ve trained for it,” he replied. “We’ve done quite a few things to make sure that I’m ready and prepared, just like how I try to be ready for anything and everything in a football game.” When asked if there are any drills, in particular, that he was looking forward to, Bryce discussed being able to display that he is a complete football player. “I’d like to do well at everything. I’m maybe not as good at the measurables, but right now I’m confident in what I can do and I’m excited for it. As far as 1 on 1′s go, I feel like I do a lot of those things well.”

Keenan MacDougall was glad to be back on the practice field yesterday after missing the 2011 season (photo Derek Mortenson for Liam Richards Photography)

Keenan MacDougall’s invite to the E-Camp is perhaps a little bit of a surprise because he sat out the entire 2011 season, and missed the East-West Bowl, due to injury. This invite speaks to the potential that scouts see in Keenan. “I found out in mid-December that I would be invited.” MacDougall is known for his strong measurables in testing, but he was quick to remark that “The scouts will want to see everything. There’s always guys that can test pretty well, but then they don’t look so good on the field. I think that you have to be able to do both well.”

Huskie Outsider wishes all three Huskies the best of luck at E-Camp!

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