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Huskies begin off-season practices

The Huskies’ off-season had some excitement injected into it early this morning as the Dogs took to the field, at the SaskTel Centre, for the first of their winter practices. These practices serve as a lead-up to the spring camp and the Dogs’ Breakfast. Head coach Brian Towriss spoke with Huskie Outsider about the practices, the training that players did during the winter, and he gave us an update about how recruiting is going.

The Huskies off-season practices take place at the SaskTel Centre (photo Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

BT was asked about whether the focus of the practices would be on fundamentals or team drills. “We’ve talked about that,” he replied. “We are introducing a few new things, especially in the run game. We are going to focus a lot on fundamentals in the next little while. We’ve got some kids that we need to work into positions, and I think any rep we can get during these practices is going to be really important, especially for the offensive line, running backs, and quarterbacks. We’re not too concerned with getting into a bunch of team on team stuff at this point. We want to make sure that we can get lots of scheme stuff done in terms of blocking assignments and technique vs. different fronts. We’ve got to prepare ourselves for what we’re going to see at spring camp and in the fall.”

As Huskie fans know, the team has their own workout facility in the newly expanded team clubhouse. According to Coach Towriss, the new weight room was put to good use this winter. “We’ve had a great off-season of training. There’s a few guys who we need to see where they’re at with their commitment level, but for the most part the team has been working very hard. The attendance at our conditioning sessions was at around 98%. We’ve got to stay on top of guys from a school perspective, from a weight room perspective, and just get the most out of them that we can.”

Huskie fans will be introduced to the team’s 2012 recruits during the annual Dogs’ Breakfast. BT updated Huskie Outsider about how the coaching staff is progressing with this year’s recruiting class. “It’s coming along well. We’ve got a few more guys visiting in the next couple of weeks. We’ve got about 18 kids committed at this point. We’ve got a couple of other offers out there that we’re waiting on. We hope to close a couple more offers this week. Hopefully it will be complete by the middle of March, other than some local high school kids.”

The Huskie Outsider bloggers are eager and excited to be attending these practices. Expect to see a few articles posted each week.

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