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A goodbye to Huskie fans from Kevin Jesus

Kevin Jesus, a sports reporter, sports director and producer at Global Saskatoon since 2005, is heading home to become a producer at Global Edmonton.

Kevin has been one of the biggest supporters of Huskie Football and Huskie Athletics in the media, providing ample coverage and producing special features such as In The Pocket with Laurence Nixon and his two-part feature on the twentieth anniversary of the Huskies’ 1990 Vanier Cup championship.

His coverage of the team was important the growth phase over the past five years. He raised the bar and set a new standard of coverage for this team which will be difficult to follow.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Kevin a little bit over the past few years. Standing on the sidelines, watching practice and talking football won’t be the same without him.

Kevin, best of luck in your new position in Bear country. I know you will always be a Huskie at heart.

CIS Football… Vanier Cup… all foreign concepts to an aspiring 21-year old sports broadcaster from Alberta. Who could blame me? Growing up in Edmonton, it was rare to hear about the Alberta Golden Bears or even the Calgary Dinos. I had never experienced CIS Football until one crisp Saturday Afternoon in November 2005.

Jordy Burrows came up with another classic moment in Huskies Football history. More importantly, that game – his play – kick started my passion for the game and for Huskies Football. It was my very first week at Global Saskatoon and I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to cover this team and the Canada West full-time.

Starting in early 2006 – I took on the Huskie Football beat and never looked back. It was more than just a work assignment, it was a passion and in some ways an obsession. I couldn’t wait to head down to practice, to watch scrimmages, Game Days and post-game interviews. I enjoyed watching young guys grow into young men who would either go on to further their football career or become outstanding citizens in society.

While I never got to see a Vanier Cup win, there’s so much more to sport than Championships. Following the Huskies to Ottawa for the 2006 CIS Mitchell Bowl is a definite highlight. The way they stormed back to book a spot in the Vanier Cup is the stuff that legends are made of.

The level of respect and professionalism in that program is second to none. I know it can be annoying to deal with the media on a consistent basis, but there were no complaints and no questions asked – Brian Towriss, the rest of the coaching staff and players were always available just before practice and after every game. On every level there was mutual respect and for that I say thank-you.

So I wish the entire team and program the best of luck in the upcoming season and beyond. I’ll try and come back for the Home Opener but I promise – WHEN the Huskies return to the Vanier Cup, I will be there in Green and White to finally see a Championship return home where it belongs.

Thank You.

Kevin Jesus

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  1. DogLover says:

    Man – does that game bring back some memories.

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