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Canada West sanctions UBC after ineligible player used in 2011

The UBC Thunderbirds have been stripped of all regular season and playoff wins in 2011 after they reported to the Canada West University Athletics Association that they used an ineligible player for all eight regular season games and both playoff games.

This will not change the playoff result for the Huskies, who lost to the Thunderbirds 27-22 in a Canada West semi-final on November 5. The final standings from the 2011 season will now reflect that the Huskies finished second with the same 5-3 record they had prior to the sanctions as they beat UBC in their only regular season meeting. The Calgary Dinos will finish with an undefeated regular season record with their with their week eight loss to the Thunderbirds reversed.

The Regina Rams, who finished in fourth at 3-5, will have two losses against UBC reversed and will be elevated one position in the standings, while the Manitoba Bisons will have officially finished in the final playoff position at 4-4 without the benefit of a playoff game. The Alberta Golden Bears will finish with a 2-6 record, while UBC will finish in last place with an 0-8 record.

This is the third eligibility violation reported by Canada West teams in the past three years. In 2009, both the Manitoba Bisons and Simon Fraser University Clan played games with ineligible players and were sanctioned prior to the playoffs beginning. The Regina Rams made the playoffs thanks to wins being stripped from Manitoba in 2009, while both SFU and Manitoba finished having played just seven games, as one of their games against each other was declared no contest since they both had an ineligible player on their roster.


EDMONTON – The Canada West Universities Athletic Association has ruled on a self-disclosed eligibility violation by the University of British Columbia during the 2011 football season.

A Thunderbird student-athlete participated in all eight regular season games as well as two playoff contests after having exhausted his CIS eligibility following the 2010-11 season, a breach of CIS Eligibility Regulation – Maximum Years.

CIS has confirmed the violation, UBC co-operated fully in the investigation and the violation was unintentional.

As per the Canada West bylaws, the following sanctions have been imposed:

• UBC forfeits all games in which the ineligible player participated during the regular season. The Thunderbirds’ record in the 2011 season shall be officially recorded as 0-8, and all games won by UBC shall be credited to the opposing team with an official score of 1-0. A note reading “UBC forfeits six wins due to use of an ineligible player” shall accompany the official 2011 Canada West football standings. All game statistics remain intact, except for the removal of those statistics credited to the ineligible player.

• UBC vacates its two playoff games in 2011, which shall be removed from their record. This action does not impact the records of the Universities of Saskatchewan and Calgary, their opponents in those games, and the final scores of those games shall remain official. All game statistics remain intact, except for the removal of those statistics credited to the ineligible player.

• UBC is fined $1,000, plus an additional $250 for costs associated with the investigation

• UBC is placed on probation through completion of the 2012-13 season, and any further eligibility violation could result in further sanctions.

The revised official Canada West standings for the 2011 football season are as follows:

1. Calgary (8-0)*
2. Saskatchewan (5-3)*
3. Regina (5-3)*
4. Manitoba (4-4)*
5. Alberta (2-6)*
6. UBC (0-8)*

*UBC forfeits six wins due to use of an ineligible player

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