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Unsung Heros: Huskies over Alberta Edition

Dallas: I will go with the entire offensive line, who provided some big lanes for the running backs. They’re playing better than they have all season and are a big reason for the success of the offence over the last two games.

Brad Nehring led the offensive line to their best game of the season against Alberta last week (Liam Richards)

Tom: Mitch Friesen had a good game and has had a good season as well. He had his third interception of the season on Saturday, and I don’t think I’ve given him any recognition that he surely deserves.
Dog Whisperer: Brad Nehring has quietly gone about his business this year in the center of the line while everyone around him was changing. Brad showed on Saturday that the Oline can create some large holes for our running game and has been steady all year with various QB changes and line shuffles. Well done.
Ryan: I really liked the play of the offensive line. I noticed that Ben Heenan quietly had a  good game and he is my unsung hero.

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