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Coach Towriss on the UBC game, bye week, and an upcoming rematch with Calgary

Coach Brian Towriss (photo Steve Hiscock for Liam Richards Photography)

The Huskies took to the practice field on Monday evening for the first time following Friday’s dramatic win over the UBC Thunderbirds. Coach Towriss took a few minutes of his time to speak to Huskie Outsider about the UBC game, the team’s plans for the bye week, and next week’s game with the Calgary Dinos.

BT was asked for his reaction to the win over the UBC. “I liked a couple of things. First of all, we were able to put some offense together and have a little bit of consistency. We put some drives together where we got more than a couple of first downs before we made a mistake and got off of the field. We drove the ball 3 or 4 times. We started with pretty good field position too. I like how we got the running game going with Coakwell back in there – from and offensive perspective I think that was a big part of it. We capitalized when we had some chances to score.”

Jeff Moore being tackled following one of his 6 receptions in the game vs. UBC. The game marked a return to form for the Huskie offense. (Photo Liam Richards)

Coach Towriss acknowledged that part of the offense’s success on Friday can be attributed to the play of the offensive line. “They are better,” he remarked. “We have to continue to work with those guys. We’ve had them settled into some familiar spots now for a little while. Calgary will give us a little stiffer test than UBC. They (the TBirds) were young on defense and we’re young on offense – it was a good matchup that way. But we are getting better. We’re making less mistakes and protecting better.”

With this being a bye week for the entire Canada West conference, it won’t be a typical week of preparation. “We want to get the show team a little bit of contact, but our problem is that we don’t have a lot of DLinemen. We have 3 young linemen that are healthy, so as much as we’d like to scrimmage, we can’t do that without putting one of our veterans in there. We want to do a lot of fundamentals this week. We also want to put in a few new things on offense, which I’m sure that everybody is going to do during bye week. We want the players to maintain their fitness while giving them the second half of the week to get away from football.” Monday’s practice will be followed with another on Tuesday, while Wednesday’s session will be a 1 hour simulated game. The team will then have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off.

A lot of Huskie fans are curious to see the Huskies’ rematch with Calgary, following a two touchdown loss to the Dinos the previous weekend. “They’ve got a good football team. We’ll find out how much of the loss to Calgary was us, and how much was them. They put up a lot of yards on us and I think we did have some opportunities to get off the field if we had made a couple less mistakes on defense and played the run a better than we did. The bottom line is that we’ve got to move the football against them and that’s what we’ve got to figure out this week.”

Huskie Outsider will speak with a few more of the Huskie coaches and players during the bye week.

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