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Three Downs: T-Birds at Huskies edition

First down: Will the Huskies be able to slow down Billy Greene and the UBC offense?

Ryan: Billy Greene is my mid-season pick for CanadaWest MVP. His is an exciting player to watch. UBC has not faced a defense as good as the Huskies so far this year and with the return of Peter Thiel and Joel Seutter who missed last week, as well as the noise from the crowd, I think that Greene will be challenged. The UBC offense is good, but I think this will be their lowest output of the season to date as the Huskies are looking to make a statement at home.

Ben Coakwell returns from injury tonight against UBC (Liam Richards for Liam Ricahrds Photography)

Tom: UBC has a great offense, but I think that the key words to the question are “slow down.” I think we can slow them down to a degree, but we’ll have to put up several points ourselves in order to get a “w”.
Dog Whisperer: They better be able to. UBC are potent on offense with a healthy Dave Boyd a vastly improved Billy Greene and weapons in the receiving corps. Our veteran laden defense needs to find a way to overcome some injuries and take the play to UBC.
Dallas: I think the Huskie defense will slow the UBC offense down, but they won’t stop them completely. These guys can beat you through the air and on the ground, so the defense better be prepared and able to limit the damage. I think if the defense plays well, UBC will score less than 20 points.
Second down: Will the Huskies offense return to early-season form?
Dog Whisperer:
I suspect we will see a vastly improved offense. I think that many lessons were learned and I think the offense will gain confidence and rhythm if they settle into taking smaller pieces and sustaining long drives rather than trying to make big plays every time they are out there. In the words of that great offensive mind from 70’s television: “Patience Grasshopper”.
Dallas: I agree with Dog Whisperer. I think they will be improved across the board, and will be good enough to keep pace with the UBC offense. Being at home and having guys like Coakwell and Stevens back in the lineup will help bring this offense back to life.
Tom: I’m expecting a better performance from the offense this week. We still haven’t seen the offense fire on all cylinders yet this year – I hope to see us take a step in that direction against the TBirds.

Ryan: With the return of Mitch Stevens and Ben Coakwell, the quarterbacks will have more weapons to fire. UBC’s run defense is suspect and having Coakwell and Janke split the RB duties and stay fresh will wear down the UBC defense. The Huskies offense played well at home for the first three games and I expect the same tonight.

Third down: Make a statistical prediction.
Dallas: I predict at least 400 yards of total offense for the Huskies, plus two interceptions for the Huskie defense.
Dog Whisperer: After taking a statistical licking last week I will bet on a sure thing…..6000+ fans at the game. And if I have to make an on field prediction it will be a pick 6 for the defense, I think they might owe somebody one of those.
Tom: I was prepared to make a 400 yard prediction for the offense, but Dallas beat me to it. Dog Whisperer mentioned the importance of sustaining some longer drives this week – he’s  a smart guy so I’ll piggy-back on that and predict that the Huskies will have at least 24 first downs.
Ryan: We all took a pasting last week in our statistical predictions, so hopefully we are closer tonight. I am going to say that they Huskies have 170 yards on the ground tonight with most of it coming in the second half. The UBC run defense can’t match the speed of our running backs.

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