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Offensive coaches add wrinkle

The University of Saskatchewan offense has some new wrinkles that were introduced in their wins against Alberta and Regina. The offensive coaching staff also has a new wrinkle: Co-ordinator Brent Schneider is now on the field calling plays while Receivers Coach Jason Sulz in now in the booth.

Offensive Co-ordinator Brent Schneider gives the play to Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren (Derek Mortensen for Liam Ricahrds Photography)

The coaches talked about this idea a lot over the winter and decided to experiment with it during the non-conference game against Windsor. Schneider has been “upstairs” for many years, so it was not a decision that was made without considerable thought. In the end, the coaches thought it might be better to have Schneider, who is also the Quarterbacks Coach, closer to his young pivots.

“I think that Coach Schneider, who works with the quarterbacks, has a little more direct contact with him on the field,” said Sulz. “Putting me upstairs gives him an extra set of eyes which we think will allow us to call a better game.”

“As coaches, just like players, we are always looking at ways to make things better,” said Schneider. “I like being upstairs but I think that having Coach Sulz in the booth will give him more input into the game plan during the game. His eyes might be able to pick things up that I couldn’t as I was sometimes thinking about the next play.”

“I don’t think that the play calling will change that much,” said Sulz. “But on certain defensive keys, we might be able to pick things up that will help us out.”

“Now, I can stay on the sidelines and concentrate on calling the game and using his help from up there,” Schneider said.

The Huskies offense is currently leading the CanadaWest in scoring, so it appears that this experiment has paid off so far.

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