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Three minute warning: Coach Towriss

Tonight we are launching a new series on the Huskie Outsider called “Three minute warning.” The idea with this feature is to interview a player or coach and ask them a few questions in under three minutes. We thought we would start with the big guy himself for the first edition.

Entering his 29th training camp as the Head Coach of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, Brian Towriss spent Thursday afternoon surveying the weight room and the field as the 2011 squad assembled for testing.

We had a chance to ask Coach Towriss a few questions as he shouted encouragement to players testing in the 40 yard dash on the eve of the 2011 training camp.

Coach Towriss oversees testing at he enters his 29th year as Huskies Head Coach (photo: Liam Richards)

Huskie Outsider: How do you feel about your team on the eve of training camp?

Coach Towriss: We feel pretty good. We’ve turned the page since last season. We’ve got some new kids who we are excited about and we’ve got great leadership developing on both sides of the ball. The team is really fit and they worked hard in the offseason. We’ve got some veterans on defense that should be solid. We think this is going to be a real fun year.
Outsider: Which players are you most excited to see that you maybe haven’t seen very much of so far?
Towriss: We’ve got a couple of recruits on defense like Geoff Hughes and Davis Mitchell that were injured before spring camp so we didn’t get a chance to see them. I am interested to see how they will fit in this year. Obviously we want to see what Tom Lynch can do, who was an All-Canadian linebacker who transferred here from Saint FX. We are also going to have some battles in the secondary that we are looking forward to. Overall, I think it is going to be a competitive training camp which is what I am looking forward to the most.

Outsider: With young quarterbacks and a transitioning offensive line, what are the Huskies going to do to allow those guys to gain some confidence?
Towriss: We obviously are going to do some things that we know the players are capable of. We have tweaked our playbook a bit and thrown in some new stuff to take advantage of the strengths of our quarterbacks. We put a lot of new stuff in at spring camp and had some success with it, so we are going to continue to evolve the offense from there.

Outsider: What are the plans for the first few days of training camp?
Towriss: We are going to get a lot of our offense in right away. We will see how fast the offense picks things up and that may dictate the pace a little bit, but we want to have mot things in by the end of the weekend. On defense will will progress throughout the week because our top 16 or so players were travel roster players and they already know the schemes.

Outsider: What is the difference between your first year of coaching CIS in 1984 and now?
Towriss: Well, our talent level is way better (Towriss was chuckling as he said that). The level of fitness that the kids come in at today is so much better. These guys are so strong, so quick, so fast. Compared to 30 years ago, it is amazing how much better football these kids can play.

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