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Practice 4 report: Saturday afternoon

The Huskies are currently in team meetings, so we have a quick chance to update you on training camp practice four. The Huskies practiced for about two hours yesterday afternoon. The session seemed a little bit more uptempo than the morning session.

Receivers coach Jason Sulz goes over a play with receiver Garett Bolen (Photo: Liam Richards)

Before the practice, Huskies Hec Crighton winner (1973) Dave Pickett talked to the team about what it takes to be great. He relayed a powerful message about what the team will remember in 20 to 30 years, and the best memories will be about the success they enjoyed on the football field. It was great to see Coach Pick back in Saskatoon and the players appreciated the time he took to address them.

On the field, both Trent Peterson and Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren continued to improve at quarterback. Peterson has a knack for for finding the open receivers and drilling the ball in. He seems to have a good grasp of the offense right now. Gilbert-Knorren hit Braeden George on a flag pattern for a touchdown early in practice. 

Receiver Jerit Lambert continues to impress with his explosiveness which was evident in a punt return drill.

Underrated running back Alex Balogun is having a good camp but got hit hard in a tackling drill and may miss a practice or two. Balogun is big back who figures to be a nice change of pace from Ben Coakwell and Dexter Janke.

One player who stood out in scrimmage was offensive tackle Jordan Arkko. On two consecutive plays, he had monster blocks. The first play he showed his range by getting outside and downfield on a screen. The second play, he peeled back on a quarterback rollout and made a huge block.

On defense, defensive back Mitch Friesen is really playing well. He made the switch from halfback to corner late last season and is continuing to impress there this year. He has had great coverage and good run support over the first four practices. He is paired with Andrew Abbs on the other corner right now. Corner was one of the team’s questions heading into training camp, but with the play of Friesen and Abbs, it appears that the Huskies have found their guys.

The offensive and defensive lines in a drill at training camp (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Liam Richards Photography)

The entire defensive line continues to shine. David Rybinski, Stephen Kovach and Zach Hart (who plays end and tackle) have all made it tough for the offense to run up the middle. In all of the pileups, it is hard to see who is in on the tackles, but it is generally those three players plugging things up.

We had a question from Christopher in Ontario who asked about the stadium expansion. The stadium expansion is underway. Section 9, or the student section, should be completed in about two to three weeks. The new stadium seats will probably be ready in about four to six weeks.

The Huskies hit the field at 10am and 4pm today and we will be out watching and keeping you up to date.

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