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Practice 02 report: Friday afternoon

Practice two is now in the books. The team spent about two hours in a slight drizzle, which was completely different than this morning’s sun baked session. This afternoon, there were about 100 people in attendance watching the practice as many fans are excited about the return of CIS Football.

Griffiths Stadium, a few minutes before 2011 training camp began (Derek Mortensen for Liam Richards Photography)

Former Huskies and current Winnipeg Blue Bombers Scott McHenry and Jade Etienne were on the field today helping distill some knowledge to their former teammates. The Bombers have a bye this weekend, which gave the guys a chance to get home and see some friends. Former quarterback Laurence Nixon was also watching practice for the first time since he graduated.

This afternoon’s practice saw the continuation of individual work, but there was a bit less technique and a bit more team time than this morning.

Receiver Garret Burgess continued his strong showing from this morning with a diving catch on the goal line after a 40 yard pass from Trent Peterson. Every practice seems to have a defining moment, and this reception early on seemed to get the players jacked up.

Running back Dexter Janke had a good workout this morning and also looked good in the afternoon. He has great hands and caught some nice passes out of the backfield. He looks like a great addition to the team who will add explosiveness to the running backs.

New receiver Jaret Lambert was held out of todays practice after having an allergic reaction to a bee sting yesterday. He is expected to be ready to go tomorrow.

Recruit Chrisitian Gottenbos had a nice reception over the middle in traffic during the scrimmage.

The offensive line coaches have tried a few different combinations up front. After two practices, it is hard to tell who the frontrunners are for the open spots. Recruit Jordan Arkko appears to fit in with the veterans, so it will be interesting to see what plays out in the next few days.

On the defensive side of the ball, SFX transfer Tom Lynch took to the field for the first time this afternoon. He is registered in the Masters program and had classes this morning. He appears very athletic and quick which is going to make the group of linebackers even stronger.

Stephen Kovach in a drill at training camp (Photo Liam Richards for Liam Richard)

Defensive lineman Stephen Kovach had a strong afternoon and showed a lot of hustle when he chased down quarterback Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren on a QB scramble and forced him out of bounds.

The Huskies return to the field Saturday morning at 10:00 and the Huskie Outsider will be there to keep you up-to-date.

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