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Officially speaking: 2011 rule changes & more

We are back with another season of Officially Speaking. If you have any questions about the calls in a game or rules in general, our resident expert, WhiteHat, will provide us with answers every week.

Huskie Outsider: Are there any rule changes that fans should know about?
White Hat: The only on-field change is in Rule 1 Section 8 Article 1(H): Any part of a ball carrier, other than his hands or feet, touches the ground, even without contact by an opponent. The ball shall be declared dead AT THE POINT WHERE IT WAS HELD when the ball carrier touched the ground.
Exception: The ball is not dead when a player:
1 – is holding the ball for a field goal or convert attempt.
2 – Goes to one, or both knees, in making a catch from a punt, place kick, or kick off from an opponent, provided such action is part of the attempt to catch the ball.
3 – Goes to one, or both knees, in attempting to catch the ball on a snap from center (shotgun ), provided such action is part of the attempt to catch the ball.

We have added : If the ball carrier falls on a player who is on the ground, the ball shall be declared dead at that point, EXCEPT if he is in the close-line play area. The CLOSE-LINE PLAY area is defined as being the area from ” tackle to tackle ( normal splits ), and 2 yards on either side of the line-of-scrimmage”.

Albert from Saskatoon asks: In the Huskies last game, there was a play where the Lancers had an unnecessary roughness penalty and the Huskies had an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. What is the difference between these penalties?
WhiteHat: Unnecessary Roughness (UR) is a 15 yard penalty, and carries an automatic first down component, while Objectionable Conduct (OC) is a ten yard penalty. The penalties were balanced off, with the Huskies having a 5 yard difference added in their favour, and the automatic first down given. The point where the penalties are balanced off, is determined by where, and when the fouls occurred. This is what officials are determining when having their conferences following the play.

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