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Mitch Stevens comments on receiving corps and new starting QB

Along with the defensive line, the receiving corps is probably the Huskies’ area of greatest depth. Following spring camp, receivers’ coach, Jason Sulz, stated that the Huskies were two deep across the board and that there wasn’t much of a drop off between the first and second unit. It’s a situation that, with some teams, may cause concern that there is not enough footballs to go around. But second year slotback, Mitch Stevens, doesn’t think it will be a problem. “That’s not really a concern for us,” he stated. “We’re pretty team-oriented here. There were never any complaints last year, and I assume that there won’t be any this year either. We’re just concerned with winning.”

Mitch Stevens (Photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Stevens went on to comment about how the unit is performing in camp. “There were a few mistakes early on, but those things happen in the first few days. We’re getting better every day.”

Mitch Stevens (Photo by Liam Richards)

The receivers will have a new quarterback throwing to them this fall, with a positional battle between Trent Peterson and Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren taking place in camp. Mitch was asked if it has been difficult for the receivers to get their timing down with new quarterbacks. “I don’t think that it’s a problem at all,” Stevens replied. “Both Jahlani and Trent are doing a great job. Parker Siemens and Drew Burko are doing well also. I think that in some ways we are further ahead than we were last year, at this point, because of the extra year of experience.”

The ability of Peterson and Gilbert-Knorren to get the ball into the hands of Mitch, and all of the Huskie receivers, will perhaps be the most closely watched aspect of the non-conference game against Windsor. It will go a long way towards deciding who will be the starting quarterback as the season continues.

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