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De Witt likens the Huskies to a professional organization

Jon De Witt was a standout with the Saskatoon Hilltops for 5 years before joining the Huskies. The 6′-2″, 229 pound defensive end brings with him a wealth of experience, and he is enjoying his opportunity to suit up for the Dogs.

Defensive end, Jon De Witt, ran a 4.60 second 40 yard dash in last Thursday's test session (Photo by Liam Richards)

“It’s a lot of fun,” he stated. “It’s an awesome organization that is first class; they make you feel like a pro here. I like the preparation that they put in with watching your own practice film, and seeing what you can correct for the next practice. That is the biggest change that I’ve seen, from junior football, so far. The breaking down of what you’re doing is a lot more individualized here. It allows you to correct things on a day to day basis and get better every day.”

Last Thursday, De Witt ran what is, for a defensive end, a jaw-dropping time of 4.60 seconds in the 40 yard dash. That speed has been noticeable on the practice field as well, where his threat as a pass rusher is ever-present. “I’m looking to bring speed off of the edge,” he commented to Huskie Outsider on Monday. But Jon wants to be seen as more than one dimensional. “I’m looking to bring power to the run game. I’m looking to be a 3-down player; I don’t want to just be a 2nd-and-long situational player. I want to be a starter and that’s what I’m working towards.”

Jon and the rest of the Dogs encourage their fans to get out to Friday’s non-conference game against the University of Windsor. It will be a great opportunity to see De Witt, and several other new Huskies in action. There are also several positional battles to be settled during the game.

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