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Peter Thiel to benefit from Roughrider experience

Peter Thiel in action vs. the Mantioba Bison (photo by Liam Richards Photography)

Huskie linebacker, Peter Thiel, was fortunate enough to attend the Roughriders’ training camp and be on the roster for their two preseason games. While he didn’t crack the lineup for this year, he came away with a better understanding of what he can do to help the Huskies in 2011, and hopefully find himself on a CFL roster in the near future. “It was a fantastic experience to have an opportunity to play at the next level,” Thiel commented to Huskie Outsider, following a workout with some other members of the Dogs. “I got to see what it’s like and I found out what kind of career I could potentially have once CIS football is done. I saw where I need to improve my game.” Thiel went on to discuss what areas he will working on improving. “Technique-wise, it is geared far more towards the passing game. When we played the preseason game against B.C., they only ran the ball 5 or 6 times the entire game, so pass coverage skills is one area I will focus on. I don’t need to get any bigger; you don’t need to be 240 pounds to play linebacker in the CFL. I’ll need to get faster, get quicker, and get good at long snapping.”

Peter was asked whether coming off of a disappointing finish to the 2010 season would provide any lingering effects, or motivate the 2011 Huskies. “Initially, we talked about what happened and what we could have done better. We are excited about the upcoming season, but we want to remember what it felt like to go out there, get a lead, and not finish things off.”

One Response to “Peter Thiel to benefit from Roughrider experience”

  1. stan sandomirsky says:

    Having attended the entire rookie and full TCs in Regina, I was pleasantly surprised by the way Peter handled himself (as well as Graig Newman and Patty Neufeld). Alex Smith often commended Peter on plays and drills.
    I certainly hope the experience will help this year as Thiel is the heart of the Husky D. I also hope he could share the LS with Bryce, as this skill helps secure a pro position.
    Pete probably would fit the Will LB position in TC next year, as he is always around the ball and is very good against the run, rather than the MAC position, as a pro. Speed and pass coverage would be areas to work on, as well as long snapping.

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