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Huskie Flag Plant: Tom Speed, Oct 29, 2010

At every home game, a Huskies Season ticket holder is selected to welcome the team to the field during the Huskies Team intro. The fan plants a Huskies flag at mid-field and that launches the massive fireworks show into the sky and brings the players on to the field. The season ticket holder symbolically represents all fans as they greet the players.

Tom Speed waves the Huskies Flag prior to the Rams game (Photo: Steve Hiscock for Liam Richards Photography).

Tom Speed, a long-time Huskies fan and season ticket holder planted the flag on Oct 29, 2010 when the Huskies defeated the Rams. Tom has been going to Huskies games since 1959 and has only missed two home games since 1998. That’s dedication!

“Being a part of that intro, with all the fireworks and noise was exciting,” said Speed. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I am proud to have been selected to represent the fans. If you ever get asked to do this, you’ll have the thrill of a lifetime.”

Speed sits in Section 3, or “the beer gardens”, he said with a chuckle.

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