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Champions Plaza: Oct 29, 2010; Nixon, Gorski, Rice

Last season, the Huskies introduced Champions Plaza at Griffiths Stadium. There is a flag commemorating each of the Huskies three Vanier Cup Victories: 1990, 1996 and 1998. There is also one flag to recognize all of the Huskies Hardy Cup victories and one each for the Churchill and Uteck Bowl Victories from various seasons. Prior to each home game, the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Football Program honours its Alumni.

During the ceremony on October 29 against the Regina Rams, the fans in Huskieville joined the Alumni, stood on their feet and cheered as the Alumni Flag was raised.

Oct 29, 2010 Honourees
The Huskie Football Program has a long and treasured tradition of recognizing our Fifth Year Players. Last Friday, we honoured three players who played all five years of their college eligibility with the Huskie Football Program.

David Dube honours the 2010 5th years by raising the fifth year flag (Liam Richards)

The 5th Year Alumni and Team use the last regular season game to honor our 5th Year Players and recognize their commitment to Huskie Football and the sacrifice required to return for a fifth season wearing the Green and White. During its 97 year history the Huskie Football Program has produced only 152 true Fifth Year players.

On Friday night, we recognized all of our 5 Year Huskies. Particularly the newest entrants Laurence Nixon, Vaughn Rice and Travis Gorski.

Previous Honourees:
Laurence Nixon (2005-2010), Travis Gorski (2005-2010) and Vaughn Rice (2006-2010); Oct 29, 2010
Cory Thoms (1991-1995); Oct 15, 2010
1990 Vanier Cup Champions (1990); Oct 1, 2010
Marshall Toner (1981-1985); Sept 10, 2010
Under Construction Flag which Celebrates a New Dog House; Aug 27, 2010
Huskie Athletes “Play for a Cure” initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society; Nov 14, 2009
Taylor Wallace (2004-09), Hubert Buydens (2005-09), Scott McHenry (2005-09), Tyler O’Gorman (2005-09); Nov 7, 2009
Doug Siemens (1981-85) and Kevin Sawatzky (1978, 1982-85); Oct 7, 2009
Barry Radcliff (1970-73) and Rick Wakeman (1969-71);Sept 11, 2009
The Dogs of ’59;  Sept 4, 2009
Herb Pinder Sr. (1939-41); Aug 28, 2009

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