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Three downs: Huskies over Bisons wrap-up

First down: Who deserves your offensive game ball?
Dog Whisperer:
Where does a guy start? If the Dogs continue to play this way I’m going to invest in Wilson because the Huskies will be giving a lot of game balls away!!! Ben Coakwell and Laurence Nixon were terrific in limited time and the receiving corps were a thing of beauty to watch! Seeing the younger players in there plying their trade was inspiring but the guys in the trenches get my game ball!! Neufeld, Heenan, Furber, Hinds and Redl put on a clinic last night is playing physically dominating football with a whole lot of nasty! So that’s 5 game balls on O and well deserved…….what’s the stock symbol for Wilson again????

Ben Coakwell celebrates his third touchdown.

Jon: QB Laurence Nixon with his 300 plus yards passing in two quarters of work gets my game ball. What was most impressive was the calm, poised demeanor he had while picking apart the Manitoba defense at will. With great help from the offensive line he made the job look easy.
Dallas: I have to go with Laurence Nixon as well. He was poised and confident, going 22 for 30 for 314 yards and three touchdowns. That was a decent 60 minutes worth of work, and he did it in 30.
Tom: I agree with Dog Whisperer, and I award my offensive game ball to the OLine. They were, like most of the team, outstanding.
Ryan: I am going with Ben Coakwell. He played about a quarter and a half before leaving the game to get some rest. In that time, he had two touchdowns on the ground and one through the air. The OLine helped him achieve this, but Coakwell gets my game ball.
Second down: Who deserves your defensive game ball?
I have to go with Peter Thiel, who is a difference maker on defence. The D is much better all around with him in there, and his five tackles and leadership last night were big factors in the Huskies domination of the Herd.
Jon: I’m going with LB Peter Thiel too. The Huskies defense, and in particular their run defense, is miles better with this guy out there leading them. He recorded five tackles and was a steady force, all while for the second straight game sporting a cast on his hand, something that would for many players affect their  level of performance.

Peter Thiel earns a nod for defensive game ball.

Tom: I was leaning towards Peter Thiel. As Dallas and Jon stated, we have a better defence with him in the lineup. But I’m going to give the ball to Nico Higgs. He played a great game last night, and I feel that he also deserves some recognition for the three interceptions that he’s made over the last three games.
Ryan: I agree with Tom. There were some outstanding performances on defense on Firday night, but Nicco Higgs had a pick, five tackles and two assists.
Dog Whisperer: “Shut down the run and scrambling and you can pretty much own them”…….I think I read that here somewhere during the last week. Watching Friday night’s game on defense my eyes kept being drawn to the linebackers. Peter Thiel brings a presence that can cannot be understated and Tony Michalchuk had another great effort but my game ball goes to Nico Higgs. Sorry but making three picks in three games means you are a disruptive force in the passing game and once there are no running lanes, killing the pass means breaking the opponents spirit. Atta boy Nico!

Third down: Who deserves your special teams game ball?
This was a great game for all facets of the special teams. Stephen McDonald and Denton Kolodzinski were consistently solid last night and, I believe, most deserving of the game balls.
Dallas: While the return game was rocking last night, you can’t overlook the six-for-six night on field goal attempts, which included five from Stephen McDonald and one from Denton Kolodzinski. Kolodzinski also had a fine night punting, averaging 44.1 yards on seven punts. Numbers 16 and 32 share my game ball.
Jon: Both Stephen McDonald and Denton Kolodzinski faced a high level of scrutiny for their kicking, or lack thereof.  But both came through in a big way with McDonald going 5/5 on the day while Kolodzinski chipped in with a field goal of his own and a solid 44.1 yard punting average.
Ryan: I am with you guys. The kicking game is like Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it isn’t. Stephen and Denton have been working hard in practice and both had great games on Friday. If they can be this consistent in the future, the kicking game is in good hands, err feet. But they need to show consistency.
Dog Whisperer: I think that the return game and coverage units were their regular excellent selves and I do not say that meaning that they should be taken for granted but rather recognized for their consistent excellence. Now our two kickers had an exceptional game this week and many will recognize them with a game ball. I will not.  I am deferring my choice for 2 weeks and the winner will get 2 game balls! I base my decision on the fact that consistency makes winners! Our kicking needs to become consistent and reliable before I’m handing over any more game balls. Hey guys, prove it against Calgary and I’ll give you two game balls. Nothing would make be happier. So Dog Whisperer “punts” his pick this week……pun intended.

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