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From the Grandstand – Volume #5

Our latest fan contributor to “From the Grandstand” frequently submits comments to our articles, and also participates in football discussions at He is a faithful UofS fan who even refuses to let matrimonial ceremonies interfere with his love of Huskie football. He also has particularly strong feelings regarding one of our conference rivals (his nickname says it all).

Q: For how many years have you been following the Huskies?
I have been attending for about 20 years. I used to be a volunteer high school coach, and was invited to an eat, meet, and greet with BT before a game and have missed about three home games since. I did miss the Alberta game a few years ago when I was at a wedding in Humboldt, but I listened to CJVR, with earbuds, during the ceremony.

Q: What is the best Huskie game that you have ever seen? What was special about this game?
My favorite game would be Oct 3, 1998, against UBC. I loved watching Ryan Reid play (see below), and he had a great fourth quarter. I also remember it for other reasons as it was the day of my bachelor party, and a week before our wedding (Scheduled the wedding so as not to conflict with the Huskies’ schedule.). Tied for second place, on my list of favorites, would be every win over the Rams, especially the 2002 Hardy.

Q: Which Huskie team do you feel is the best ever, or your favourite team?
I wouldn’t say they were the best team, but my favorite was the 2003 team that Steve Bilan carried on his back, only to lose in the playoffs when Steve broke his wrist/dislocated his thumb, and Craig Stevens blew out his knee on a short yardage play only a few minutes later. Stuff happens.

Q: Who are your 3 favourite Huskie players of all time, and why?
a) Todd Lynden – at one time the Huskies had a fullback who actually got to carry the ball!! He was also a great receiver (that play action thing they used to run off a lead), and a great run and pass blocker. He never got the credit (at least by the media, etc) that he deserved. I wear his jersey (not his number — one of his actual jerseys) to every game. I met his dad at the Western game, and was not surprised to find out that Todd was still friends with the great Doug Rozon.

b) Ryan Reid – Of all the great Huskie QB’s, he was my favorite. (Sorry Steve and Larry.) He was a physically gifted athlete, a gunslinger, and exuded confidence no matter what was going on. An example of this was the first ever game against the Rams when we were down early and came back to destroy them.

c) Dylan Barker – Maybe the best defensive player to ever play at Griffiths. Smart, athletic, and tough.

Q: What are your thoughts/impressions of the 2010 Huskie team (team and/or individual players)?
They are quickly becoming a team. This started in the second half against the Rams. The offense has been great the last two games, the defense the last two and a half games, and the special teams are showing some glimmers of hope. We need to beat the Dinos, play up to potential in BC, and then beat the Rams by more than 11, and I think they can do it. If Jeff, Dathan, and Peter hadn’t gotten hurt, maybe it could have been an undefeated season.

2010 Huskies (photo by Steve Hiscock for Liam Richards photography)

Q: Which 2010 game are you most looking forward to?
The game I am most looking forward to is the one in Peps (Vanier Cup in Laval).

Q: What do you think is the best rivalry between the Huskies and another team (current or past rivalry)?
Are you kidding me?? It has to be the Rams (I always get a smile when I remember the way that Kelly Bowers referred to the “0 – For” version of the Rams.). I consider them a bandit program – more like a franchise than a program – quickly becoming an open sore as they get: a) more money (see Ram 50/50) and b) more desperate. Every member of the Huskie Nation, be they player, coach, alumni, or fan, should feel a personal obligation to never allow Frank to get his hoofs on the Vanier.

Q: What would you say to a potential recruit who is considering playing for the Huskies?
There is no better program, no better fans, no better facilities, and no better opportunity than the one provided here. If you want to be a star, go somewhere else. It you want to be a champion, come here. Three words sum it up: TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE.

Q: Is there anything else that you wish to add? This could include game memories, things from the Dogs’ Breakfast, craziest/funniest thing you’ve seen from a fan…you name it.
I have lots of great memories. Some are from the “ancient past” – Brent Schneider’s Vanier performance, the 1998 UBC game, the first Ram game mentioned above, and watching David Stevens blow past scared and confused Rams at Taylor field. Some memories are more recent – seeing Bob Florence introduced as Comeback Recruit of the Year at last May’s Dogs’ Breakfast, getting to know our bleacher neighbors in section 4, and watching my 10 year old daughter’s face light up when she sees her favorite Huskie (not mentioning any names, but his initials are Laurence Nixon).

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