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Flag Plant: Tavis McPherson, Oct 1, 2010

At every home game, a Huskies Season ticket holder is selected to welcome the team to the field during the Huskies Team intro. The fan plants a Huskies flag at mid-field and that launches the massive fireworks show into the sky and brings the players on to the field. The season ticket holder symbolically represents all fans as they greet the players.


Tavis McPherson welcomes the Huskies to the field on Oct 1.


Tavis McPherson had the honour when the Huskies hosted the Manitoba Bisons on Oct 1. McPherson has held season tickets for four years and has been attending Huskies games for almost 20 seasons.

“It was an incredible experience,” said McPherson. “I told everyone who would listen about it! It really got people excited about the Huskies and football in Saskatoon.”

“I want to make sure the Cheer team gets a big THANK YOU!  They are really good at what they do and without the pre-game practice (and coaching) it wouldn’t have been such a great day.”

McPherson sits in Section 11 and counts the 2006 Vanier Cup as one of his favourite games, despite the cold weather.

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Tavis McPherson, Oct 1, 2010
 (Sect 11)
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Ryan Lejbak, Nov 14, 2009 (Sect 11)
Dana Weeks, Nov 7, 2009 (Sect 11)
John Hyshka, Oct 23, 2009 (Sect 11)
Dallas Carpenter, Oct 9, 2009 (Sect 3)

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