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Practice report: Aug 30

Practice two of preparation for the Saturday night game against the Dinos in Calgary was about an hour and half long under sunny skies on a beautiful afternoon.

The Huskies spent time on special teams, offensive and defensive insertion and running Team O and D against the show team.

The offense looked a little rusty to start the practice but got into the swing about halfway through. Quarterback Laurence Nixon took about 70% of the reps with Trent Petersen taking the rest. Both QBs looked in control of the offense and made a number of nice passes.

Running back Jeff Hassler had a good practice as he was featured in a few plays. Alex Balogun had a 40 yard touchdown run late in the Team O session.
The defense worked on some new packages and made some nice plays against the show team offense. Bryce McCall seemed to be near the ball all the time and the linebackers, led by Peter Thiel, were stuffing the run.

Playing the Dinos and their Hec Crighton quarterback Erik Glavic always means extra preparation for the defense. Glavic has an accurate arm and deceiving quickness that makes defenders miss him in the pocket. He likes to roll out and can hit receivers on the run.

Huskies quarterback Jhalani Gilbert-Knorren has many of the same characteristics as Glavic, though lacks the experience of the Dinos fifth year pivot. Gilbert-Knorren is quick, can throw on the run and make defenders miss him as he showed in the game against Western last Friday.

The Huskies had Gilbert-Knorren line up as the show team quarterback to run some of the things that the Dinos like to do. It was fun to watch Gilbert-Knorren get out of the pocket. The defense responded well to this after a few reps and it looks like they are starting to get used to the speed and accuracy that Glavic will challenge them with.

The coaches will be making their travel roster decisions today, from what we understand. Most of the spots are probably self-evident, but the kicking situation is something that has not been settled. Both Stephen MacDonald and Denton Kolodzinski are vying for that spot.

The Huskies return to the field at 5:00 this afternoon, following team meetings earlier in the afternoon. They leave for Calgary on Friday.

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