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Hassler hoping for successful return to Calgary

Huskies running back Jeff Hassler is healthy to start the 2010 campaign. If you rewind the clock to a year ago, Hassler was out with a hamstring injury which he suffered on the eve of training camp. He missed the Huskies’ home opener against the Dinos in 2009 and saw limited action in the playoff game later in the season.

Jeff Hassler turns the corner against Western (Liam Richards)

Hassler jokingly said, “Since I missed camp last year, this one was a lot tougher.” On a serious note, he added, “training camp went smoothly and I am ready to go.”

Hassler is a more aggressive back than the Huskies have had in the past. “I like to hit the holes hard,” he said. “I think that is the difference between (Tyler) O’Gorman and myself (last year) as we have different running styles. I like to get to the line as quickly as possible so hopefully that helps us move the ball. I also think our offensive line will be eager to push some bodies so we are looking forward to seeing how we stack up.”
Saturday night will be the first time the Dinos will face a healthy Hassler. “I feel good,” said Hassler. “Everything is starting to click with the running backs, the offensive line and quarterbacks.”

Hassler appeared as running back in three games last year and had 370 yards on the ground and five touchdowns.

Hassler, who is heading into his second season with the Huskies, heaps a lot of praise on his fellow running backs. “I’ll probably get a few more carries than I did last season when I split time with Tyler. But Ben Coakwell can step up and do some good things, and we’ve got some young guys ready to play too.”

Hassler knows that the Dinos will be ready for the Huskies. He is looking forward to the game and playing in front of family and friends. “I’m looking forward to being home and seeing some family. But we are also focused on the Dinos  who are going to be a pretty good test.”

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