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From the Grandstand – Volume #3

In this edition of “From the Grandstand,” we hear from Huskie Football Foundation member, Stan Sandomirsky. Stan attends all home games, and many road games and practices as well. He is also a diehard Roughriders fan.

Q: For how many years have you been following the Huskies?
Many years, but closely since I’ve been on the Huskie Football Foundation (about 6 or 7).

Q: What is the best Huskie game that you have ever seen? What was special about this game?
The Vanier Cup wins in the 90s – WINNING!

Q: Which Huskie team do you feel is the best ever?
2009 (we should have made the FG against the Dinos and went on to beat the Gaels in the Vanier)

Q: Who are your 3 favourite Huskie players of all time, and why?
Dylan Barker (for being the first Huskie taken as the first overall pick in the CFL draft), Jeff Piercy (just a great guy) and Dan Farthing (another great guy)

Q: What are your thoughts/impressions of the 2010 Huskie team (team and/or individual players)?
They are an excellent team when all are healthy. Ben Heenan is a future Gene Makowsky. Jeff Hassler is also a future star (as long as he doesn’t become an oft- injured guy like Lumsden).

Q: Which 2010 game are you most looking forward to?
The Hardy Cup or maybe Oct. 15 (vs. Calgary) or Oct 29 (vs Regina).

Q: What do you think is the best rivalry between the Huskies and another team (current or past rivalry)?
The Rams because of our last game.

Q: What would you say to a potential recruit who is considering playing for the Huskies?
BT is the best CIS coach you could ever play for because he is honest and he cares about your academic future, your character development, and your life after Huskie football.

Q: Is there anything else that you wish to add? This could include game memories, things from the Dogs’ Breakfast, craziest/funniest thing you’ve seen from a fan…you name it.
One of the best things about my retirement is being a part of the Huskie Football Foundation and volunteering with the great people who are on it. I extend a special thanks to Todd Peterson for inviting me to join.

2 Responses to “From the Grandstand – Volume #3”

  1. Dean Derdall says:

    Can you tell me the extend of injury to Jeff Hassler and if he will be returning to the lineup soon

    • Tom says:

      Jeff isn’t expected to be back in the lineup until after the bye week. He was still on crutches during the weekend, and was in street clothes watching tonight’s practice.

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