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From the Grandstand – Volume #2

Our second edition of “From the Grandstand” features a long time Huskie fan who is also a regular participant at “Dr. Evil” is the moniker that this loyal Huskie follower uses on the web’s biggest CIS football discussion forum. If you are planning to attend Saturday’s game, in Regina, keep an eye out for Huskie Outsider bloggers. We will be looking for more Huskie fans who are eager to participate in this series.

Q: For how many years have you been following the Huskies?
Dr. Evil:
I’ve been following the Huskies for about 25 years now.

Q: What is the best Huskie game that you have ever seen? What was special about this game?
Dr. Evil:
1998 Churchill Bowl in Saskatoon against Western. First bowl game in 10 years in Saskatoon. Must have been 10000 people at the game, lined up 10 deep all around the track. Great win by the Huskies and just a great day.

Q: Which Huskie team do you feel is the best ever?
Dr. Evil:
The 2005 team was unreal and should have won the Vanier as they beat some very good teams and were undefeated going into the Vanier. The 1996 team was pretty good as well.

Q: Who are your 3 favourite Huskie players of all time, and why?
Dr. Evil:
David Stevens…. I would have liked to see what a healthy Stevens could have accomplished. Warren Muzika – great linebacker! I enjoyed the level of intensity that he brought. I could say Brent Schneider, but he might get a swelled head! He put on one hell of a show in the ‘94 Vanier and I’m glad he ended up winning one in ‘96.

Q: What are your thoughts/impressions of the 2010 Huskie team (team and/or individual players)?
Dr. Evil:
This team needs to realize that they cannot take a quarter off and need to come to the park ready to play. There is some talent on this team, but they need to focus on what their job is and not try to do too much.

Q: Which 2010 game are you most looking forward to?
Dr. Evil:
Re-match with Calgary and any game against the Rams.

Q: What do you think is the best rivalry between the Huskies and another team (current or past rivalry)?
Dr. Evil:
The Bears from 2003-2005, and the Calgary Dinosaurs of the mid 90′s.

Q: What would you say to a potential recruit who is considering playing for the Huskies?
Dr. Evil:
The best player plays….you work hard in the off season, come to camp ready, and everyone has an equal shot. The Huskies have a winning tradition and are one of the best run teams on and off the field. You will play in front of the best fans and play in championship games.

Q: Is there anything else that you wish to add? This could include game memories, things from the Dogs’ Breakfast, craziest/funniest thing you’ve seen from a fan…you name it.
Dr. Evil:
This has nothing to do with the Huskies, but several years ago I went to a Rams and Bears game at Foote field (Edmonton). Back then they had both benches on the east side of the field with no stands. So I sat on the hill between the benches. I heckled Frank all game long and never let up on him. After the game was over I went to talk to one of the Bears’ coaches, who was my brother in law’s brother. He said that about half way through the game the coaches on the bench were talking about this fan who was on Frank. I guess the coaches were laughing at some of the stuff and when he looked over he recognized me but admitted that was the one and only time he ever listened to the crowd as they were all laughing on the bench. And not once did I even swear or use profanity….anything to get under Frank’s skin.

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