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From the Grandstand – Volume #1

Welcome to the first installment of a new series at “Huskie Outsider.” We really enjoy receiving comments from Huskie fans, and we thought it would be great to let the fans have an opportunity to contribute in a more in depth manner. Hopefully we can hear from many more of you in the weeks ahead. Our first contributor is Ryan Flett. A big thank you is extended to Ryan for sharing his memories of Huskie teams past, and for his impressions of the 2010 team. Read and enjoy!

Q: For how many years have you been following the Huskies?
Ryan: I have followed the Huskies for a little over 25 years. I can’t remember games back then, because I started watching when I was about 5. BT lived 3 houses away when I was a kid, so I thought that everyone was a university football coach.

Q: What is the best Huskie game that you have ever seen? What was special about this game?
I have two. Best ever is the 94 Vanier. Every other fan will list that one. The other one is the ’95 Hardy Cup against Calgary. That was my first year helping out the coaching staff. We played incredible and completely shut down Don Blair, but had a bad end of the 4th, and went into the wind in both OT periods, so that was that. I felt really bad for the guys. That is when I understood how much everything meant to the players and coaches.

Q: Which Huskie team do you feel is the best ever?

Q: Who are your 3 favourite Huskie players of all time, and why?
Three Favourite Players…impossible question. Dave Blackburn is the first to come to mind. Charlie Biggins started for just 2 years, but he was so good for our team. I think I have seen him in Chicago a dozen times. He is as good a man as he was a player. I’ll make my third Rory Kohlert because he is a good kid with a great future and is as humble as it gets. He helped turn his high school program around.

Q: What are your thoughts/impressions of the 2010 Huskie team (team and/or individual players)?
2010 will be fun. If we’re healthy, it will be a ton of fun. I love our receivers. We have two incredible backs – the old thunder/lightning combination. I think the defense is always stacked and is the best coached unit in CanWest.

Q: Which 2010 game are you most looking forward to?
Does the Vanier Cup count? Otherwise, they are all great.

Q: What do you think is the best rivalry between the Huskies and another team (current or past rivalry)?
Calgary. No Question. Might not have been the case for a bit there, but all-time, it’s the Dinos. Games against the Herd tend to have the most extra-curricular fun.

Q: What would you say to a potential recruit who is considering playing for the Huskies?
I would say “Take a long time to figure out what you want, and find someone who will give you the HONEST truth about any team you are interested in. Never listen to a salesman, and never listen to what a coach has to say about an opposing program. If in doubt, maybe play JR for a couple years and see how those University coaches treat you then.”

Q: Is there anything else that you wish to add? This could include game memories, things from the Dogs’ Breakfast, craziest/funniest thing you’ve seen from a fan…you name it.
The College 9 and the sandbox (long jump pit) might be the best icons of Huskie FB there have ever been!

Thanks, again, for your time and effort Ryan!

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