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Training camp report: Practice 1, Sat am

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With bulldozers working on the addition to the Graham Huskies Clubhouse, the University of Saskatchewan Huskies took to the field at Griffiths Stadium in PotashCorp Park for their first training camp session of the 2010 season. With a smokey haze protecting the turf from the sun, and a stiff wind blowing out of the east, 95 Huskie hopefuls went through a two-hour session.

The offense wore the green practice jerseys and the defense was in white.

Huskies Head Coach Brian Towriss watches a QB drill (photo by Liam Richards)

There was a lot of teaching this morning as the coaches put in some new things on offense and defense. The quarterbacks and receivers had a few miscues early on, but after a diving catch by Garrett Burgess the groups started to click a little better.

After warm-up the team headed straight into some special teams drills which signals that they are likely to work hard on special teams, similar to what the did last year. About 100 fans watched the Rabbit Drill which is always a hi-light of fall camp.

Dallas spent a lot of time watching the linemen on both sides of the ball and he will have a report later. I tended to watch the Quarterbacks and receivers a bit more this morning.

Quarterbacks Trent Petersen and Parker Siemens both threw some really good balls. Siemens looks to have a bit more zip than he did last year. Petersen throws a tight spiral with a lot of velocity. It will be interesting to see how these two improve over the next week or so. Laurence Nixon looks to be in mid-season form already. Jhalani Gilbert-Knorren did not look out of place despite only getting a few reps in the spring.  I didn’t get a chance to see Josh Huschi throw.

Receiver Matt Walker proved that he had good hands today as he made a few nice catches.

The player that stood out to me the most was Bryce McCall who had two interceptions in one-on-one drills. On one play he cut in front of the receiver who was running an out. The second play he read the curl and robbed the receiver of a completion.

The play of the day had to be the last play of the practice. The Huskies ran ten plays of Team O versus Team D. Trent Petersen was the quarterback and Jade Etienne split out wide left to the short side of the field. Etienne ran an out and up and defensive back Cody Halseth called a switch to the half-back. However, the  defense had not put the switch call in yet and their was mis-communication on the play resulting in Etienne escaping down the sideline. Etienne used his speed to get open deep and Petersen threw the ball perfectly for an easy 80 yard touchdown.

The team returns to the field at 4:00 this afternoon. We will have full reports throughout the day.

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