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Officially speaking: Western round-up

Our favourite official, WhiteHat, is back for another season of Officially Speaking. WhiteHat will answer your questions about the rules of CIS football. We’ve got three questions to start off with this year.

Huskie Outsider: In the fourth quarter of the Western game, it appeared that the Huskies scored a touchdown when the ball broke the plane of the goal line. However, the ball was spotted at the one yard line. What is the CIS rule for the ball breaking the goal line plane? Does the ball have to be in-bounds, or does the plane extend beyond the playing field?
WhiteHat: The ball must break the plane of the goal-line while in-bounds. The plane does not extend outside the playing area. Fans should know that breaking the plane means touching the goal-line going in. When coming out (avoiding a safety touch), the ball must be completely over the line.
Huskie Outsider:
When do you mark a penalty half way to the goal line and when do you mark it the full distance?
WhiteHat: Pass interference (15yds), Unnecessary roughness (15yds), and Rough Play (25yds) are marked off the full distance – unless there are penalties against both teams that need to be balanced off. This would bring in a half the distance scenario. All other penalties are half the distance.

Huskie Outsider: When the Huskies were receiving a punt in their endzone (during the fourth quarter), there was an infraction on the return team. Why was the ball scrimmaged at the five yard line and  no point awarded?
WhiteHat: Since the infraction (holding) occurred while the ball was “in flight”, the penalty is applied at the “point of possession” – in this case the endzone. Western had two options – take a single point and give the Huskies the ball at their thirty-five, or have the penalty applied from the ten yard line, which meant move it back half the distance to the five yard line, with no single point given.

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