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Officially Speaking: CIS rule changes

The Huskie Outsider’s favourite official is back for another season of helping us understand and interpret the rules. With the Huskies season starting two weeks from tonight against the Western Mustangs, we thought we would check in and see what rule changes will be in store for the 2010 season. At the end of the article, there is a pdf with all of the changes, but we hi-light the major ones here.

Huskie Outsider: Every year there a number of rule modifications or clarifications. What’s in store this year?
WhiteHat: Most of the rules updates are penalty applications and of a technical variety. The two of most interest for the fans are Rule 1 Section 8 Article 1, and Rule 7 Section 3 Article 13.

HO: One of these changes has to do with “horse-collar tackles”.
WH: Correct. The key component to the “horse-collar tackle” is that it now stipulates that the runner`s direction must be changed; if the runner is grabbed by the pads or jersey, but falls forward, then no penalty is called.

HO: Another change is the interpretation of “down by contact”.
WH: The change here stipulates that a runner cannot roll over bodies and keep going; he is now ruled down by contact.

For those of you who want to know about every rule change, you can download the four-page Football Canada pdf here.

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