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Big battle at cornerback

I had the opportunity to catch up with Coach Darryl Burko to discuss the secondary. He is fairly pleased with what he’s seen from this unit in camp. “The secondary is looking good so far. We have most of our guys back this year. We did lose a couple of corners but Cody Halseth, who was right up there last year challenging for a starting spot, has stepped in and been outstanding. Then we have a great 3-way battle going on for that other spot with Gregg Woytowich, Andrew Abbs, and Luke Thiel. The 3 inside guys (Bryce McCall, Mitch Friesen, and Keenan MacDougall) are just solid. I think we’re as good, or better, than last year.”

Coach Darryl Burko working with the DB's (photo by Liam Richards)

Coach Burko was asked if the fight for the other cornerback spot would sort itself out in Friday’s non-conference game against the Western Ontario Mustangs. “Absolutely,” came Burko’s reply. “We want to see those 3 guys lots. I think we kind of know what Cody can do, and it’s going to be interesting to see those guys in game action. Woytowich has lots of junior experience. The other guys are a little younger with not quite as much game experience.”

Hopefully, many readers of the Huskie Outsider will be at the game against Western. When you’re there, pay close attention not just to the matchup between the Huskies and Mustangs. Try to follow the many position battles, such as the one Coach Burko described, as well.

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