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3 Downs: Training camp preview edition

First down: what position battle are you most looking forward too?
Jon: I expect a great battle for the backup QB position between Parker Siemens and Trent Petersen. Petersen has been away from the game for two years but still has the skills to compete for the number two spot, while Siemens has paid his dues over the last couple years and may also be ready to move up the depth chart.
Dallas: I’m looking forward to the battle at linebacker, as there are many excellent candidates who could take over Taylor Wallace’s spot. Tony Michalchuk, Brodie Rothe and Charlie Power are the early favourites but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a strong showing from one or more of the blue-chip recruits (likeThomas Hilderman, Ronald Mwamba or Dane Bishop) from the past two recruiting classes.
Tom: Cornerback is the positional battle that I’m most looking forward to. Both spots have been vacated by the previous starters, and there are a number of players battling for a starting role. I think that opposing offences are going to be eager to test the new starting cornerbacks early in the season to see how well they fill Shaw and Krahenbil’s shoes, and a heated competition in camp may be the best way to prepare them.
Ryan: Have to agree with John here. Laurence Nixon is in his last year and it looks like Parker Siemens and Trent Peterson will be vying for the number two spot. Both players are talented and know the offense although Peterson needs some catch-up time. And how will the team use blue-chip prospect Jalhani Gilbert-Knorren? I am sure the coaches have a few ideas up their sleeves and I can’t wait to watch this unfold.
Second down: which player are you most looking forward to seeing?
Ryan: I have to go with Dathan Thomas. He has been working so hard this off-season and I think that he is in the best shape of his career. Thomas was upset that he wasn’t drafted this year and he wants to show the CIS and CFL that he is an elite back.
Dallas: I agree with Ryan and am picking Dathan Thomas. It was great to see him on the field at spring practice looking every bit as strong and fast as he did before his 2008 injury, and I’m really looking forward to him continuing this in fall camp and into the season. I’m also anticipating a strong showing from Trent Peterson, who is coming off a two-year religious mission to return to football.
Jon: Three for three so far. Dathan Thomas. Whenever he’s been healthy over the course of his university career he’s shown he’s a star running back in this league. He’s worked tirelessly in the past year to rehab his injury and make sure he’s back in top shape for his last season of university football. I expect him to be a dominant force at camp.
Tom: I’m looking forward to seeing Trent Peterson at QB. We didn’t get a chance to see him at spring camp, and it’s been two years since he has suited up for the Dogs.

Third down: which recruit will have the most impact in camp?

Tom: Greg Woytowich may have the most impact of the new recruits. He has CJFL experience, and he’ll be involved in the positional battle that I described above. Even if he doesn’t earn one of the starting spots, I expect he’ll see the field quite a lot this year.
Dallas: I think Mitch Stevens will make an immediate impact and may even be a starter at receiver. He has the speed and hands to be a star in the CIS, and I expect opposing defences will know his name well very soon. In spite of the loss of McHenry and Jones, I think the emergence of Braeden George and Garrett Bolen, as well as the addition of Stevens will lead to a stronger receiving corps than the Huskies had last season.
Ryan: Although he isn’t technically a recruit, I think that SFU transfer Dale Furber has a shot at starting. Sometimes the linemen get overlooked and the Huskies are deep on the O-line. Furber played in the CIS All-Star game, so he is one of the top players in the west. If he learns the system, he should show well.
Jon: Like Tom, I am going with Gregg Woytowich. He comes over from the Hilltops having all the tools to be a starting DB in the CIS, and while there is stiff competition at his position, I expect him to stand out and win a spot.

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