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Laurence Nixon’s In the Pocket: Spring Camp 2

Two days into camp and I think everyone in the locker room is hungry for more. Today’s practice saw the first session of ‘A Drill’, which is always a hard-hitting, competitive drill. Some guys who stuck out in this period of practice from my point of view were defensive end Steve Kovach, linebacker Rylund Hunter, and offensive guard Brandon Myre.

The drill turned the tempo of the practice up a notch and set the tone for solid skel and team periods. The biggest obstacle we all had to overcome today was the weather. I remember showing up in Saskatoon in 2005 for spring ball with no idea what I was getting myself into. The weather was great, then halfway through our third practice a flash hailstorm swept through the city and I wondered what mountain peak we were practicing on.

Today it was raining, five degrees and ridiculously windy. We were wet, cold and being asked to push ourselves like it was 25 degrees and clear. Now, as a quarterback I find it tough to have precise throwing mechanics as your body slows down and tenses up in cold wet weather. I can speak for the guys doing ‘A Drill’ that it takes guts to strap up and battle with the guy in front of you. So I’m proud of what these guys showed out there today battling through the whether and still managing to be physical and make the team better.

A few guys who I think showed dedication are the three guys who have been helping us QBs out. Kyle Siemens, Joe Divine and Wyatt Carleton stuck it out in the rain drying balls, giving us snaps when we had no center and helping with QB and receiver drills.

After the good energy everyone has been showing the past two days I’m excited for our two-a-day Saturday and then the scrimmage Sunday. The Dog’s Breakfast started this momentum and I’m sure that everyone was inspired by Warren Moon’s speech. Like he said, this is the start of a huge opportunity for us.

This camp will help shape the team that will come together in the fall to attempt something great. We were good last year but that extra little bit of toughness or athleticism that we may have lacked is out there on the field this weekend. The question is who is going to step up, contribute and help take this team to where we need to be, the Vanier Cup Championship.

Stay poised and get, in the pocket.

Laurence Nixon

Quarterback #11

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